16 Feb

Just a few days ago on Feb. 13, young superstar DJ Mat Zo released his anxiously awaited Bipolar EP under the Anjunabeats label. It is a 4 song release with the following singles: “Bipolar”, “It’s Yours”, “Ring On It” and “Yoyo Ma”.

This tranced themed EP is eclectic and unique in styling. Zo showcases his ability to take small vocal loops and integrate them into a tech glitchy arrangement that is somewhat new to the trance genre.

Below is a sampling of the entire Bipolar EP from Soundcloud:

Track by Track Review:

Bipolar” 4/5 Rating: This track is a funk driven rendition by Zo. A small vocal loop repeating “Ask Your Self, Can You Dance” keeps the track spinning. Interlaced is a fast paced chopped up synth that adds to the beat.

It’s Yours” 5/5 Rating: By far the best track on the EP, “It’s Yours” has a ridiculously addictive loop on it. It is actually somewhat of a remake of “It’s Yours” by Jon Cutler, but with a trance driven edge. The buildup makes the listener feel like they’re taking off in a jet.

Ring On It” 3.5/5 Rating: This track is definitely the most experimental on the album. Very bubbly in nature and a little out of left field for Zo, “Ring On It” leans on a bit of electro house in production style. It’s a high energy track with various electronically produced noises we’ve never heard on an Anjunabeats album.

Yoyo Ma” 4/5 Rating: This is Zo’s take on the symphonic world be integrated into trance. Naturally named after the famed cellist Yoyo Ma, the cello itself takes center stage in the production. This is probably the most well arranged track on the EP musically speaking.

Overall, “Bipolar” is the best Anjunabeats release of 2012 thus far. The EP can be purchased at Beatport: http://bit.ly/wjukQv

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