11 Mar

This past weekend EDM Charts had a chance to check in with the master of house music, DJ/producer David Jones. EDM Charts and Jones discuss his recent success with some big releases, where he’s been playing around the globe, and his thoughts on the current EDM scene. Take a couple minutes to read up on one of the best in the business.

Hi David! Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to do an interview with EDM Charts. Take a second to tell your fans a bit about yourself, such as where you’re from, etc…

Thanks for the warm welcome, I’m always excited to do interviews! Well, despite what my name might suggest, I’m actually from Milan, Italy. I like every kind of music as long as it is well made and expresses feelings. That’s it! 😀 My life can be summarised into these two sentences because everything I do and like is related to music.

The last twelve months have been big for you. It seems that you’ve been pumping out quite a few tracks that have charted very well. Can you explain what this last year has been like for you, with your rising popularity and success.

It’s been a great year, most of the collaborations with important labels in the club scene worked out very well. I’ve reached the top position in the charts quite a few times. I also made the most sold tracks of the year on Beatport for Hed Kandi, Juicy Music (Robbie Rivera’s label), Just Music (Ministry Of Sound SA), Starlight, Molto Rec, Pink Rabbit, 4 Kenzo, Starlight Unlimited, etc.

The gigs side has been great too: I’ve started a big collaboration with MN2S, which is one of the most important booking agencies in the world. I’m going to play at Nikki Beach, Pacha and many Festivals. I’ve also got loads of requests from the U.S., that is cool because I’ve always dreamed of going over there!

There are also some things that you can’t control, like the number of the emails you get everyday. It has increased constantly throughout last year, and right now it’s out of control. Then disaster strikes when you come back from a weekend without wireless connection! It’s nice though. I prefer having these kinds of problems than others.

This past month, we featured your single “Heya” as a top track on our weekly Top #5 Chart. Can you explain how you came up with the concept for the song and what it was like to produce it?

I want to try to change the house sound because, right now, you either make “Swedish” (more similar to Trance) or you make “cool beats” (close to the deep sound). That’s wrong in my opinion – you can make something pumping without making trance.

This kind of feeling is similar to the Azuli concept. I simply included some elements from the classic house sound plus some fresh elements like vocals and synth, without going into trance. The result was that all people that play house, electro and pumpin’ beats, but not trance, supported it! It was Top 5 overall on Beatport and No.1 on the house chart. Then we got some cool requests from the U.S.A., but right now we need to keep those secret. For the next while I want to invest more time in that direction.


Like we’ve been asking other artists, since our site is most well know for our weekly Top #5 Chart…What are YOUR current top #5 tracks?

  • David Jones – What’s That House
  • Oza & Vitodito vs Coldplay – Every Kawaii is a Waterfall (Vitodito Mashup)
  • Sporty-O Vs Nicky Romero – Patron & Kush are a 303 Generator (David Jones Mash Up)
  • John Acquaviva, Roy Rosenfeld – Bounce (Original Mix)
  • Patrick Hagenaar feat. AMPM – L.O.V.E. (You Give The) (David Jones Remix)

Tell fans about some of your upcoming big gigs around the world and where they can catch you performing in the next couple months.

Well…you can surely catch me at Juicy Beach Party with Robbie Rivera, Bob Sinclair and other big artists this year! Then I will play at the end of the WMC with Milk & Sugar for the Hed Kandi Party; both at Nikki Beach.

After WMC I will be in Miami again twice, then Vancouver, Las Vegas, Germany, Scotland, and a TBA tour in Australia and Brazil, plus some big festivals with Mastiksoul in Portugal.

I feel alive playing and doing music, so I hope to only meet the right audience to share a great set.

What DJ and/or Vocalist that you have not worked with yet, would you most like to collaborate with in the near future?

Most of the djs that I respect right now are already my big friends, like Robbie Rivera, Mastiksoul, Alex Kenji etc. I think that if I were to think about some great producers that are genial and with whom I would like to share my time and work with, they would definitely includeDavid Guetta and Martin Solveig. As far as vocalists are concerned, I think that in future I would love to work with some of the biggest artists like Deborah Cox and Sophie Ellis Bextor. And

if I can dream, outside of the electronic scene and not in the near future, I’d like to work with Madonna or some other big American artists like Akon.

Are you currently working on any projects or big singles that fans should be looking for soon?

Yes. I’m doing several collaborations with big artists and I’m shooting some videos for these tracks. In March there will be 2 singles out; one with a really easygoing sound, with a video (Inc. a club mix “Robbie Rivera & David Jones Juicy Mix”) and one more club track (on Juicy Music, already supported by Thomas Gold, Robbie Rivera and others).

What are you currently utilizing for DJ equipment at your live performances?

2 Pioneer 1000/2000 and a DJM 800 – Right now I’m not into the USB Pen, I prefer to choose the playlist there, and I love the feeling of flipping trhough the Cd Box.

Before we let you go, we have to ask: Which do you prefer, Blondes or Brunettes?

Blondes and I don’t think I will marry a Brunette 😀

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans? And where can people purchase your music?

Keep supporting the music you love and open your mind to all the new sounds and new music experiences you can have! Music is an emotion! Be limitless!

Then, check https://www.facebook.com/DavidJonesDj.eu to be updated about my last releases. I will post the links to download new music and also give away stuff for free when I have something to celebrate and share with my fans! Normally iTunes & Beatport are the best places to buy.

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