18 Mar

Sweden is in the house this week at EDM Charts! We get a chance to pick the brain of the up and coming DJ Alex Sayz. Read more to find out about his recent projects and developments.

Hi Alex! Thanks so much for taking time to sit and chat with EDM Charts; we’re honored to have you as our first Swedish artist! Take a moment to tell fans about yourself, like where your from, etc…
I live in the capital of dance music, Stockholm. 32 years old. Been DJing for 17 years and I guess I have done somewhere around 2000 – 2500 show until now.

One project that you’ve been doing is your Sayzstation Podcast, that has garnered some attention and exposure. Can you describe the concept and style of show, as well as your goals for it?
Yeah, I’m really glad the listeners embraced Sayzsation. Earlier on I’ve done Sayzsation randomly. A big web-radio asked me to do the show for them. It was a big motivation for me to do it more frequently so I accept the offer and here we are, a new episode every week. Even though I put a lot of energy and time on every single episode I’m happy I’m doing them. It’s a good way to express myself to my fans.
The concept is to keep it as “live” as possible. I chose the music I like and play at my gigs. No politics, just great music.
My goal is to get more radio stations on the hook so we can spread more good music around the world.

How would you define you style? What separates you from other “Swedish” artists?
I don’t really know what separates me from the rest. I just do my thing. I don’t like the word genre. I guess good music with lot of energy explains my style.
I like to express myself in the DJ booth. I am all over the place jumping, waving and dancing.

Like we’ve been asking other artists, since our site is most well know for our weekly Top #5 Chart…What are YOUR current top #5 tracks?
I’m gonna base this on what works best on my dance floors at the moment.

1. Alex Sayz – Acid Kills
2. Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl – In My Mind
3. Sandro Silva & Quintino – Epic
4. Hardwell – Spaceman
5. Bingo Players – Rattle

Are you currently working on new projects/singles? If so can you give us some details on what fans should be looking for in the near future?
I have a track done with Ali Payami. The fun thing about it is that it’s not neither of ours style. It turned out crazy techno.

What DJ and/or Vocalist that you have not worked with yet, would you most like to collaborate with in the near future?
My dream would be to do a collab. with Axwell, and if I get the vocals of Chris Cornell (Audioslave) I can die as the happiest man alive.

“Free To Go” was recently rereleased with remixes, most notably the Stefano Noferini remix with Nadia Ali on vocals. Describe how you came up with the original version and what it was like working with Nadia Ali, as she is one of the hottest vocalists on the EDM scene.
Since day one she have been one of my absolute favorite vocalists. I contacted her management and hoped to get the chance to work with her. They liked my productions and suggested me to do a remix for her. They liked my remix and wanted me to produce 3 tracks for her album. After those projects I guess she owed me a big one and had to feature on my release 😉
I’m really proud that Nadia thinks ‘Free To Go’ is one of her favorite collaborations so far.

What is your current set up for DJ equipment at your live performances?
I prefer 3 CDJ 2000 and DJM 2000. If I have a big stage with CO2, confetti etc. I’m in heaven.

We’ve been asking other artists this rather important question (tell the truth!): Which do you prefer, Blondes or Brunettes?
I prefer a blonde on my left side and a brunette on the right. Does that count?

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans? And where can people purchase your music?
I love my fans and I struggle everyday to make them happy. They are the reason I’m doing this.
My music can be found on all big digital stores as Beatport, iTunes and more.

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