20 Mar

As Ultra Music Festival is nearly upon, EDM Charts takes their official glance at the lineup this week. Tonight, the first night (Friday) is examined in detail, where the top #5 acts are narrowed down.

#1: Tiësto
Well, in all honesty this is somewhat of a no-brainer. Tiësto is one of the most elite live performers around. All one has to do is look at his track record since the early 2000s.

He will be taking over the mainstage as the main act of Friday night. Any UMF goer must make this a part of their itinerary.

Some key songs to look for Tiësto to drop are “Bring That Beat Back”, “Chasing Summers” and “We Own The Night”.

#2: Miike Snow
One of the greatest things about UMF is the diversity of the concert, as artists range from House, Dubstep, and Indie. Miike Snow is a prime reflection of this, and they too excel at live performances.

This Swedish trio has just released their most recent album “Happy To You”. It is full of great tracks. In addition, they really have found their own niche that lies somewhere in between indie/EDM/pop.

If you get a chance to see them live or listen to them on the digital radio look for some great live instruments and some of their newest hits such as “Devil’s Work” and “Paddling Out”.

#3: Wolfgang Gartner
Gartner has had a fantastic past couple months. Pumping out plenty of great tracks and collaborations, it would be a mistake to miss Gartner at UMF on Friday.

He is definitely one of the most up and coming US DJs/Producers. He is also known for his ability to pull off some slick live mixes.

Look out for his relatively new track “There And Back” as well some of his remixes and more than likely his new single with Tiësto from Club Life 2: Miami.

#4: Nicky Romero
EDM Charts is calling it now. Nicky Romero will generate a large amount of buzz at this festival, with it being somewhat reminiscent of Avicii last year. He has just dropped way too many hits to not get noticed.

If you go to this performance, it is guaranteed to be high energy and full of BPMs. You’ll also get to experience his own spin on “Dirty Dutch”.
Look at for key singles such as “Toulouse”, “Se7en” and “Generation 303”. You will not be disappointed.

#5: Dirty South
Australian DJ Dirty South beat out some hefty talent to make #5 on this list. Once again, this is another example of an artist that has been tearing the EDM scene up.

If you want some pure progressive house then this is an act you’ll want to catch. Who knows, there may even be a surprise addition of fellow vocalist Kate Elsworth, if fans are lucky.

Keep your ears perked for some big hits like “Eyes Wide Open”, “Rise” and “Walking Alone”.

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