22 Mar

As Ultra Music Festival is nearly upon, EDM Charts takes their official glance at the lineup this week. Tonight Day 2 is examined in detail.

#1: Avicii
Who’s the hottest touring DJ right now. That answer is clearly Avicii. His current touring has led to sold out audiences at virtually every venue he has visited.

Avicii will be taking the mainstage as the premier act on Saturday night at Ultra Music Festival (UMF). Expect nothing less than a magical act, similar to what everyone experience at last year. This guy just has a keen sense for feeling the audience.

Look for Avicii to drop some of his classic hits such as “Levels” and “Fade Into Darkness” but do not be shocked if you here some material for the first time at UMF.

#2: Laidback Luke
Laidback Luke is one of the premier turntabalists in the industry. He’s the type of DJ that’ll drop 100 tracks in a 60 minute set, and can set up insane transitions.

He’s really an all-star act that is slowly starting to gain exposure in the US through his remixes and collaborations. Hopefully this year’s UMF will help take him to the next level.

What can you expect from Laidback Luke? Your sure to hear many tracks played as well as some powerhouse songs like “Speak Up” and “Turbulence”. You might have to Google his track set though, as the inventory is sure to be gargantuan.

#3: Pendulum
Pendulum is a great example of the diversity at UMF. They’re an electronic/rock band from Australia, and they pack a punch.

Even though they have not released much new material in the past year, they’re still thriving on their most recent album “Immersion”. This album was largely popular due to the hit single “The Island” that was not only popular in its original mix, but also known for its remix done by “AN21 and Max Vangelli”.

It’s hard to say what songs they’ll be dropping at UMF. Mainly expect an energetic show full of great live instruments and some electronically motivated rock.

#4: Hardwell
Hardwell has been having a huge year. In between his show “Hardwell On Air” and some of his other recent singles that have come out the past few months.

He is superb at live mixing and is sure to pack some hefty electro house. This past year he was ranked #24 on the DJMag Top 100 list, which clearly shows fans stamp of approval.

What should you expect to hear from Hardwell? Your sure to hear some of remixes that he’s done with popular artists like Martin Solveig and Taio Cruz. Also look for some of his own material like “Cobra” and “Spaceman”.

#5: Mord Fustang
Mr. Estonian is in the house in Miami this week. The young superstar electro house DJ has made quite the name for himself over the past year or so. He has his own unique style and blending that is insanely addicting to listen too.

Fustang should make a similar impression at UMF to that of Porter Robinson last year. They both share similar parallels, even though their styles vary. If you are looking for a unique experience, then mark this one down in your agenda.

This is great timing for Fustang. This past week he dropped his newest EP which features some great new tracks. In addition expect to hear some of his bigger hits over the past year such as “Lick The Rainbow” and “Milky Way”.

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