6 Apr

Following Ultra Music Fest 2012, EDM Charts had a chance to catch up with DJ/Producer Trent Cantrelle. Trent gives us an insider’s opinion on the industry, what he’s been up to and his future goals and plans. Grab a beverage and take some time to read up on Cantrelle’s latest happenings!

Trent, it’s a pleasure to have you for an interview at EDM Charts! Thanks for taking some time to discuss what you’ve been up! Take a second to tell folks a bit more about yourself, such as where you’re from, your resume, etc.

Thanks for having me! I am originally from New Orleans, Louisiana but have been living in Los Angeles for the last 9 years. My lifelong commitment to music stems from being raised in such a diverse part of the US. Music is in New Orleans bloodline. Its on every street corner, in every style, every genre, with all walks of life, color and creed. Truly a unique experience growing up as a child. I started DJing in the early 90’s and have been doing it ever since..

You’re our first DJ/Producer to sit down for an interview with us from the US. What is it like being a EDM artist in the US, considering the current international domination?

It’s an honor to be the first! I have seen the US go through many changes throughout my years in this business. The international domination happened quite some time ago and is nothing new really. Currently we are seeing the EDM explosion in the US with Los Angeles at its center I would say. The culture has finally crossed over into the mainstream; even though it all started here many years ago. It’s a very exciting time to be involved in the industry. There is an entirely new generation both young and old experiencing EDM for the very first time. Things feel so fresh but on a much bigger scale then ever before

About a month ago we had David Jones for an interview, where we got to take in some insights on the House genre. How would you define your music style, and what separates you from other House DJs?

I’m never quite sure how to define my sound other than use the term “dance music”. At the end of the day all 4/4 EDM is House music to me. These genres and labels people give songs are all just spawns of House. House is where it all started right? I always try and ride that line between club and underground with my music. Its all about reading a crowd and being able to program accordingly. I lean to the energetic side of House with lots of old school influences, vocal samples, stabs and synths. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the kick, bass, and groove for me. I enjoy all genres of House and can pretty much adapt to any situation possible. My productions are very similar to the way I DJ; all over the place. I love making songs that jump genre boundaries. In one persons chart you will find one of my songs next to a Cadenza and Get Physical release, then in another chart the same song next to David Guetta and Swedish House Mafia.

Like we’ve been asking other artists, since our site is most well know for our weekly Top #5 Chart…What are YOUR current top #5 tracks?

No particular order:

  • Oscar Akagy “Up”
  • Vlada Asanin “Groove Shaker Body Maker” (DJ Lion & Boyan Hadji Remix)
  • Scuba “The Hope”
  • Trent Cantrelle “You Know Why”
  • Trent Cantrelle “Doesn’t Really Matter”

We recently featured your single “You Know Why” as a top five song on our weekly chart? Describe how you came up for the concept for the song and what it was like producing it.

Thanks for the feature! The concept is all based around the groove really, which is the hook of the song. Its one of those tunes that connects two moments in a club. Its layered with vocal elements that tie together and tell its own little weird story. There is something about being on a dance floor late at night and hearing voices flying around your head over a tough groove and drums that really work.

Currently there are a lot of big name vocalists making some big noise in the EDM scene such as Nadia Ali, Wynter Gordon, Jes, etc. What vocalist that you haven’t worked with, would you most like to in the near future

Its great to see vocalists getting more of the spotlight these days. EDM has been producer driven music for years, often many times the vocalist taking the backseat. I always try and look for vocalists with something unique sounding in their voice. I have remixed both Jes and Nadia who are amazing. Off the top of my head I would love to work with Karin Dreijer Andersson or Sia. Both have very distinct voices you can spot in an instant. I also think the lyrics are just as important as the singer. Finding a good songwriter is often a lot tougher then finding someone that can hit the notes.

What are some big concerts/festivals that you’ll be participating in this Spring and Summer? Do you have a favorite?

I have been fortunate enough to play for Insomniac Events in the US at many of their shows; including the mighty Electric Daisy Carnival here on the West Coast with crowds over 100k. What separates Insomniac from other events here in the US are their attention to detail and production. Its more about the experience rather who is on the bill to DJ. Pretty much all of their events sell out before announcing one artist.

What is your current set up for DJ equipment at your live performances?

These days its a mix between the USB sticks and CDs. Equipment wise, I prefer Pioneer but can work with pretty much anything really. I honestly still love the feel and sound of CDs. Although, I do miss the days of flipping through vinyl and picking a song because I remember the album art rather having to read the title. The Pioneer 2000’s are pretty amazing. I remember when my then studio partner Chris Cox was helping Pioneer with the design it would be a game changer.

This interview wouldn’t be complete without us asking our staple question! In regards to ladies, what makes the cut for you; Blondes or Brunettes?

I don’t discriminate. 😉

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans? And where can people purchase your music?

I want to thank all my fans for their love and support! Keep an open mind and always look below the surface.

My music can be found on most retailers such as Beatport http://www.beatport.com/artist/trent-cantrelle/7157

Find everything music related and upcoming shows at http://www.trentcantrelle.com

Get the latest info at http://www.twitter.com.trentcantrelle

For the latest DJ mixes and previews check http://www.soundcloud.com/trentcantrelle


  1. Hank Cantrelle April 13, 2012 at 12:46 #

    That’s my boy!!!!!!!!!and very proud of him, his dad Hank Cantrelle

    • Ben Gutnik April 13, 2012 at 18:30 #

      Family comes first, and we support that!

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