10 Apr

Officially released today via Dim Mak records, dubstep/electro house artist Datsik makes an immediate impression on the EDM game. The album is chock full of bass, a little rap/hip hop and plenty of “in your face” attitude. This puts a cherry on top of Datsik’s recent months, as he has been part of an overwhelming successful Deadmeat tour with Steve Aoki.

There is no doubt that this is one of the more anticipated dubstep albums in the past 6 month (probably the biggest one since Zed’s Dead a few months ago).

Below is a preview of the whole album from Datsik’s Offical Soundcloud. In addition, EDM Charts has highlighted the top 3 songs from the album, in our humble opinion.

Evilution -This is quite the track considering the collaboration on it. You have Datsik, Infected Mushroom and Jonathan Davis from Korn on the vocals. It is deep and dark thematically and makes you feel like you’re at a Korn concert, except with a bunch of bass. To balance it out during the chorus, small chimes are integrated.

Light The Fuse -This is one of the more high energy tracks on the album. It is quick paced and full of electro synths. The vocal samples seem to be somewhat sampled from either a rap or reggae track. It is a bit quirky in stylization, but that’s what Datsik usually brings to the table.

Bonafide Hustler – The song title speaks for itself. It is in your face and showcases Datsik’s current domination of the dubstep genre. It definitely leans a bit on the hip hop side, considering the vocals. There’s more than plenty of bass and “dub” on this track. This song is perfect for the big room or festival.

This is a great album for any EDM/dubstep fan. To purchase individual tracks or the entire album go to Beatport or click on the following link: http://bit.ly/HutOPB

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