22 Apr

It doesn’t get much bigger in the Trance realm of EDM than Egyptian DJs Aly & Fila. EDM Charts was able to catch up with this amazing duo and pick their brains on what they’ve been up to and what is upcoming for them. Take a few minutes to read up on these Trance Titans.

Aly & Fila, thanks so much for taking some time out of the busy schedule to do an interview with EDM Charts! We’re very excited to catch up with both of you to see what’s going on!

EDM Music is completely global; there really are no boundaries. What is it like being DJs/Producers from Egypt? Have you witnessed an increase in interest in the Middle East in trance and other genres of EDM music?

For sure things have changed over the last few years, especially in Egypt, there are now many great Egyptian trance producers from Philipe El Sisi, Mohamed Ragab, and now Fady & Mina, great to it coming through, we are very pleased to have them on our record label Future Sound of Egypt

Your podcast/radio show “Future Sound of Egypt” has really taken off, and is noted for its superb song selection and production. What is it like producing this podcast/show and how do you go about tracklist selection?

It takes time, but worth it, we get so many new tracks sent to us, ones which are really different from unknown artists, we feel the radio show over the years has highlighted many newcomers

EDM Charts is most well known for its weekly Top #5 Chart. Like we always ask our guests, what are YOUR current top #5 tracks at the moment?

Top 5 tracks at moment:

1) Aly & Fila vs Jwaydan – Coming Home
2) Aly & Fila & Roger Shah – Perfect Love
3)  Aly & Fila feat Chris Jones – Running Out of Time
4) Fady & Mina – Kepler 22
5)  Matt Bowdidge – No Room To Breathe
“Coming Home” was recently a featured track on Armin van Buuren’s “A State of Trance 2012”. EDM Charts also featured it a few weeks back as a top #5 track of the week.  Can you tell us how you guys came up with the concept and what it is like being featured on Armin’s annual compilation album.

The idea was to have a strong follow up track with Jwaydan from We control the Sunlight, we feel her vocals again are masterful, we are very happy with Coming Home, will be released soon :), we are very proud for it to be chosen to be on A State of Trance 2012

A couple of your tracks have featured Jwaydan on vocals, such as “Coming Home” and “We Control The Sunlight”. She has a powerful voice that really adds depth and genuine feel. What is it like working with such a talented vocalist like Jwaydan?

She has a wonderful voice, really hits the right chords when she sings, and creates an very powerful feel to the track, she has a bright future

What other artists on the Future Sound of Egypt label should your fans be aware of, that are getting ready to make a big name for themselves in the music scene?

Fady & Mina are starting to make great waves, Bjorn Akesson is growing and growing, same as Arctic Moon, there are many that are growing, keep an eye out for them on our label 🙂

What is your current set up for DJ equipment at your live performances?

CDJ 2000s, Pioneer DJM 900 mixer etc, very good monitors

Are there any current upcoming projects/singles you’re working on that you’ll be releasing in the near future?

Our latest single with Jwaydan Coming Home will be out soon, we are working on our artist album at present, due for release this summer :), working also on a new remix at moment

Do you have anything else that you’d like to mention to your fans? And where can people purchase your music?

Thanks to everyone for their support, our music can be purchased at Beatport, Trackitdown, Armada and iTunes, our weekly radio show Future Sound of Egypt is also a podcast, here is the link http://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/aly-fila-future-sound-of-egypt/id434317270


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