20 May

EDM Charts welcomes Aiur (Tim Smith and Dan Ray) to the site this week! We discuss what it is like finding the right label, their upcoming single “SURPR!SE” and current projects they are working on.

Currently you are an unsigned artist? What is the whole process like finding the right label? Is there a method to the madness?

We’re currently unsigned, right now our main focus is perfecting our sound before we begin considering which label would make a good fit.

To us that’s more important than simply signing with the first contract that comes along, they need to be able to understand our vision, work with us and allow us the freedom to constantly reinvent ourselves.

Your current single, “SURPR!SE” has been a popular hit, with over 70K views on YouTube alone? How did you come up with the vision for this song?

In the beginning it was more rough ideas than an actual vision, we basically wanted to make a song that we actually wanted to listen to. Thats really the format for everything we do.

EDM Charts’ trademark is its weekly Top #5 Chart. Like we ask every guest, what are YOUR current top #5 tracks at the moment?

Our favorite top 5 songs at the moment would have to be:
1) Dada Life – Kick Out the Epic Mother Fucker (Vocal Edit)
2) Hardwell – Spaceman
3) Bingo Players – Mode
4) Bassjackers and Angger Dimas – RIA
5) Dada Life – Happy Violence

What is the EDM scene like right now in your stomping grounds in NYC? It appears it becoming more and more popular with the growth of Electric Zoo and the addition of Electric Daisy Carnival.

New York has long been a breeding ground for new talent , musicians and artists are always trying to push the envelope, defy genres and experiment with what their idea of good music is. EDM allows the artists to pull from different genres, often from different decades and create something unique and new. The natural diversity of New York leads to different styles constantly emerging from the scene, it makes it a perfect location for EDM.

What are some other future projects you are working on right now?

We’re currently in the process of recording our second EP, with the first track from it scheduled to be released late May/early June.

EDM Charts has been fortunate enough to have a great vocalist on recently in Linnea Schossow. Which vocalist in the industry would you most like to collaborate with in the near future?

There’s no particular vocal talent that we’ve specifically looked into, we’re always on the look out for the right fit for our songs. Which in our opinion, is more valuable than name notoriety, we’re open to working with any talented singer, regardless of their musical background, genre or location.

What festival would you most like to be part of?

It would be a dream to be apart of Ultra Music Festival, considering the talent it draws in and it’s history but we’re open to exploring festivals that aren’t EDM exclusive, like Coachella.

What technology/software are you utilizing to produce your music right now?

We use a variety of different software, our latest releases mainly utilize FL Studio.

Where can fans buy/listen your music? Also, anything else you would like to mention to EDM fans out there?

We recently released “SURPR!SE” as the first single off our EP, it’s available on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Juno and a few other digital stores/services including Spotify. The full EP is scheduled for a Spring release on all major digital marketplaces. We’re always looking to give back to our fans, without them this wouldn’t be possible. To show our appreciation, all of our remixes and mashups are available free to download for our facebook fans. We also run multiple contests on our facebook page to give our listeners a chance to win Aiur exclusives and more.


  1. Jon Hardaway May 25, 2012 at 13:20 #

    I’ve been looking to learn a bit more about this mysterious duo, thanks!

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