27 May

This week EDM Charts has the chance to pick the brain of one of house music’s best DJs: Ralph Good. We get to see what he has been up to and what it is like working with big labels like Spinnin Records, Nervous and Toolroom Records. Expand YOUR knowledge on the EDM scene by reading up on Ralph Good!

Thanks for taking some time to do an interview with EDM Charts! Tell us where you’re from, how you got involved with music, and what got you specifically interested in Electronic Dance Music.

I got into dance music in the early 90s when Swiss House pioneers Djaimin & Mr Mike had their nationwide radioshow in Switzerland. I loved the vibe, the feeling, the soul in it – and started to buy dance records, then spinning house records myself – and later on got into producing.

DJ Mag vote for the Top 100 DJs – who are your #1s?

Martin Solveig, Avicii and Madeon.

What were your highlights in 2011?

One of the highlights was the Brazil tour playing at D-Edge in Sao Paulo.

A staple of EDM Charts is our weekly top #5 chart. We have to know, what are your current top #5 as we approach summer?

Some favs of mine including some of my own stuff: DJ Dealer – Chicago Love (Ralph Good’s Bad Boy Remix) // Ralph Good ft. Shena – In The Zone (All Mixes) // Pirupa – Party Non Stop (Vocal Mix) // Osunlade – Envision (Argy Vocal Mix) // TJR – Funky Vodka

Are there any upcoming projects you’re working on for the near future that you can let us know about?

Sure! I’m currently finalizing the release (incl. video) for ‘In the Zone’ – the new track I did featuring the amazing voice of Shena. Then I’m about to finish the next single ‘Stop The World’ with the Australian singer ‘Jamie Lee Wilson’ – plus me and Polina are coming up with a 2012-Remix package for our song ‘SOS’. Besides that, I’m really excited about the Remix for Tara McDonald’s new single ‘Give Me More’ out soon on Universal Music.

What is it like to work with big labels like Spinnin’ Records, Toolroom Records, and Nervous?

It’s motivating to see that the big labels like your music – at the same time, you need to work harder because expectations are bigger after releasing on there. But that’s a good thing in my opinion… I’ve been lucky during the past with most of the labels I’ve worked with – they have been very supportive and fair… and good to work with!

Is there anywhere you’re yet to play that’s on your hit list?

I’ve played on all continents so far, but never been to South Africa, so that would be pretty exciting!

What’s on your rider?

Not too many fancy things: a bunch of good technical toys and vodka tonic.

Find out more about Ralph Good here:




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