18 Jun

We kick off the start of the first official week of the summer with Darin Epsilon of Perspectives Digital. He just recently released his new compilation album “Perspectives Digital Vol. 3”. Keep on reading to find out more about his recent release and how this US DJ goes about his business!

Darin, thank you so much for taking time out of your touring and traveling to sit down and visit with EDM Charts! Take a moment to tell us some more about yourself, such as where you’re from, how you got involved with music and how you are where you are now.

Thank you guys for having me, it’s a real pleasure! I’m originally from the Chicago area. I spent over 20 years there, and have now relocated to Los Angeles as of 3 years ago.

Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My first real exposure to electronic music happened around the turn of the century, when I was 17 or so. Growing up, my family and I lived 45 minutes away from Northwestern University. I used to tune into their local radio station every week to hear some local DJ’s spinning underground house and trance.

Eventually, I became so attached to the music, that it was no longer enough for me to remain a passive listener; I wanted to become an active participant in the scene. I spent two years working in a music shop before I saved up enough money for my first pair of turntables. Fast forward to 2007, and I released my first remix during my senior year in college.

You recently released “Perspectives Digital Vol. 3”. Can you tell us a little more about the compilation?

It’s primarily a collection of my favorite tunes from the label in the past three months, as well as some additional tracks that I feel perfectly represent the “Perspectives” sound.

Two of the songs on the album you are an artist on the track: “Metamorph” [Deepfunk’s Main Mix] and “Metamorph” [Luis Junior Remix]. Describe the styling behind both remixes.

Deepfunk’s mix is light and trippy, whereas Luis Junior’s could be described as dark and hypnotic. It’s really interesting to hear how they came up with such different sounding remixes of the same track. I usually play Luis’ mix towards the end of the night because it has such driving energy.

One of the artists on the album is Soundprank, an Anjunadeep artist, which is just an example of variety on the album. How did you go about selecting artists involved on the project?

Exactly what you just said. It was important for me to include lots of different styles because musical taste is subjective. Some people might appreciate certain tracks more than others. The compilation really highlights the wide range and diversity within Progressive House. I like to think that there’s something for everyone here.

Tell us what it is like working on your label Perspectives Digital.

Very time-consuming and challenging but also rewarding at the same time. I get an absolute kick out of discovering new talent and helping them get the proper exposure they deserve. Sure, it’s had its ups and downs, but I feel like I’m pushing a sound that is meaningful and unique. It makes it all worth it in the end.

Are there any future projects you’re working on that you can give fans a description of?

Always! I’m working on quite a few projects. Mostly originals, but also a few remixes. I can’t really give out too many details yet, but you can always follow my Facebook or Twitter to keep updated on the latest news. My next release comes out on Perfecto Records this July and Paul Oakenfold is including it in his next compilation.

EDM Charts staple is our Top #5 Weekly Chart. Like we ask all guests: What are your current Top #5 Songs?

It’s hard to choose just 5, but I’ve been playing these songs at all of my recent performances:

  • Christian Smith – Carambola Green – [Bedrock]
  • P8 & Answer42 – Fragments (Guy J Remix) – [Anjunadeep]
  • Rodskeez – 22 Dollar Chorus – [Mesmeric]
  • DAVI – Labyrinth (Club Mix) – [Perspectives Digital]
  • Nick Muir – Airtight (Kassey Voorn Epic Interpretation) – [Vapour]

What equipment are you utilizing right now for sets?

I’m still performing with the standard Pioneer CDJ’s and mixer. It’s so hard for me to move to laptop, since I’m an old-schooler that grew up spinning vinyl. A good track selection is all you really need to win over the crowd, and in my opinion, there’s nothing more boring than watching a DJ stare at his or her screen for the entire performance.

With EDC Las Vegas fresh on everyone’s minds, what is one festival and/or club you haven’t performed at that you would like to be a part of in the future.

Creamfields or Moonpark in Buenos Aires.

Tell fans where they can listen to and purchase your music. Also do you have anything else to tell your fans?

You can listen to my entire discography and every set I’ve ever put together for FREE on http://www.soundcloud.com/darinepsilon. Thank you guys for reading this interview all the way to the end!

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