10 Jul

One of Holland’s best DJs join us at EDM Charts this week to say “Hell Yeah!”. Welcome Dutch duo Showtek as they delve into what they’ve been working on, their thoughts on some recent gossip, and what it is like to work with Tiesto. Sit back and enjoy!

Showtek: We appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules to discuss your recent developments and happenings in EDM. Tell us where you’re from and how you two got involved with EDM and DJing.

We are Showtek and we are from The Netherlands. Some people don’t even know where that is, lol, so if we mention Amsterdam (which we are not from though) people know what we are talking about. Some people don’t know we are brothers either. Growing up in Holland means you are surrounded by EDM, because we have already been having a huge scene since the early 90’s.

Dance Music is actually a part of Dutch culture. Going out as a teenager we fell in love with the sounds of Marco V, Tiësto and many others. So we actually grew up with EDM. We never had the ambition to perform all around the world. We just liked producing dance music (Techno, Electro, Hard Dance, any genre practically) that’s where it all started, somewhere around 2000; but just as hobbyists. Nowadays it’s our full-time job, 7 days a week. We started in a local club where we became residents. But internationally, people got to know us from our strong productions.

Our first produced Showtek tracks were played by major DJ’s right from the start, so our name grew bigger in the scene quite fast. But since the last 4 years we have been really busy busy. We fly back and forth every weekend to make people’s day or night.. haha and during the week we produce music.

Just a couple weeks ago we featured your collaboration with Tiësto, “Hell Yeah!” as a top #5 song on our weekly chart. How did you guys come up with the track and produce it?

Some people might think we only produce hard music, but since the start of our producing career we’ve created all kinds of tunes in any possible genre. We co-produced major tracks and our taste of music changed a bit during the years. We’ve gotten more mature as well, so it’s normal you evolve as a person. This automatically led to a broader taste of music that we got to like and wanted to produce. Our productions and performances have always been diverse, we always played very hard but in some way we had our boundaries, while people want to categorize you very easily. And as an artist you just don’t want to be categorized.

We’ve been working with Tiësto for about two years now. And we thought we could easily put our name on this track as well. It’s really Showtek-style as well! We had so much fun doing this track together and we were like; why not? F*ck it.. If we perform we play very diverse and it’s still a very hard track. Maybe not as fast as people are used to hear from us, but it’s all about the energy. And this track is a massive bomb! So if a guy like Tiësto comes up with the idea to do a collaboration; you would be a f*cking idiot not to do it! First of all; we have a lot of fun in studio and on the road, second; we admire his work in EDM and third; just read the 10 commandments on our website. As long as we give it a Showtek touch we can handle the whole world.

“Hell Yeah!” wasn’t the first track that you’ve worked with Tiësto. About a year ago, you helped produce his other single “Maximal Crazy”. What is it like working with fellow Dutch citizen Tiësto both as an artist and under his music label?

Well you need to have a certain “click” with someone. And from the moment we met Tijs we had this vibe going on. He has played all Marcel Woods tracks in his sets for the last 6 years, which we also co-produced with Marcel. So he liked our style of producing and noticed we’ve got the skills to produce any kind of EDM, so after we met in Ibiza we just started working together. And now, two years later we are still going strong; Hell Yeah! Tijs gave us great inspiration to grow as producers, he has been commanding the EDM scene for many years now and that is not an easy achievement. He brought us to the next level and we are still very grateful he gave us this opportunity.

One of the recent articles that is causing quite the stir is deadmau5’s latest blog entry “we all hit play.” What are your thoughts on this article, and are “live sets” more about preparation and knowledge than actual execution? Deadmau5 article link: http://deadmau5.tumblr.com/post/25690507284/we-all-hit-play

Anybody can throw food in a wok or a pan, but it takes certain skills to make it taste good. You have to put in the right stuff at the right time, you throw in the garlic to early, too much pepper, or not enough oil and bye bye nice meal! Enough said.. isn’t it? We know what he means though, but his situation is different. Sjoerd MC’s in every show, we drop different mixes every time and try to make the best night out of it every time. Interacting with the crowd is more than just hit the play button. It’s different for every artist. Fans want to see you play your tracks. If they like Showtek tracks they want to hear us playing it instead of the local DJ. That’s how it goes.

Following up the previous question, with Paris Hilton also “djing” recently in Brazil; is it frustrating to see random celebrities claiming to “dj” or could you care less?

This is so typical! People are like; fuck this shit, fuck that, but who can you blame? In some way people are interested in seeing her, so who’s wrong? Paris Hilton or the people who spend money on a ticket to see her? If you really don’t give a fuck, then don’t go and the whole hype will be over soon. She is a person too, she just wants to do something new probably! And yeah she might be a multimillion dollar brand, and she might be “friends” with some of the bigger names in the game just let her do it.. But because it’s Paris people won’t let her.

We are huge Michael Jordan fans, when he started playing Baseball he sucked as hard as baby sucks a nipple for the first time, so he got back from it. So not everybody can do everything, maybe as a hobby, but we never spend time getting frustrated about it. Things like this happen.. fuck it!

What is the next big project Showtek is working on? An EP? Radio Show?

After the massive Tiësto Collab we have a brand new song coming up with Hardwell. We were working on the big melody and we thought; well this might be the one we want to do with Hardwell. We already agreed a year ago on doing a collab together. We send him this idea and he was so enthusiastic he phoned us and said: WHAT THE FUCK DUDES! THIS IS SICK!

So the week after he came to the studio and we made this track to be a massive bomb! We think it’s going be HUGE HUGE! So that’s the next one, after that we have a collaboration with Bassjackers (which are really cool guys by the way) and for the people who love our hard pumping stuff we are doing a collab with Noisecontrollers. All those collabs are part of our CRAZY COLLABS project, where we are working with artists from any genre just because we love the music or have a lot of fun in the studio. If you don’t try anything new, nothing will change so you’ll never be able to expand your sounds.

With every interview at EDM Charts we always ask artists what their current top #5 are? What are Showtek’s top #5 songs right now?

  1. Tiesto & Showtek – Hell Yeah
  2. Hardwell & Showtek – How we do
  3. Showtek & Bassjackers – Hey!
  4. KnifeParty – Rage Valley
  5. Showtek – Dirty Hard
  6. Showtek – Slow Down (free track on our Facebook)

We’ve recently had a few big vocalists interviewed on EDM Charts such as Emma Hewitt and Linnea Schossow. What is one vocalist/singer you’d like to collaborate with in the near future and why?

We already worked with Emma Hewitt, Jess, Shermanology, Christian Burns you name it. They are all great vocalists. We would really like to work with Coldplay, Snowpatrol or The Killers! OMG what a vocals they have. We also love the vocal from Georgi Kay, who sang “In my mind”, love that vocal as well!

What are you guys currently rocking for equipment at your shows?

SD CARTS! Haha, true though! We have a rider when people book us, it contains Co2 bottles, microphones, monitors, visual screens and Jägermeister! 🙂

Club or festival? Why?

Clubtival.. 🙂 Can’t choose! We love the intimacy of a clubcrowd and the massive crowds of the Festivals. So hard to say.. 🙂

Take a second to tell fans where they can purchase your music and where they can find out more and follow Showtek online?

Well Beatport and i-Tunes of course. And we have a new webshop coming up as well. And for all the real fans we have a free signup on our website to become an AAA member, where we will hand out free stuff like; music, ringtones, wallpapers, merchandise, tour info you name it. Go to http://www.showtek.nl and become an AAA member! Don’t forget to vote for us for the DJMAG TOP 100 and for all updates follow us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/showtekofficial

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