27 Aug

This week EDM Charts welcomes Miami songstress Zashanell to the site to catch up on her latest projects and her opinions on the latest developments in the EDM scene. Make sure to read up, as she gives us the honest truth and insight that true fans love to hear.

Zashanell: Thanks so much for talking to EDM Charts about recent going ons in EDM. Tell us where you’re from and how you got into the EDM scene.

A: “I’m American with Hispanic background. My mother is Cuban and my father is from Nicaragua. EDM happened to me the same way it happens to all of us. It doesn’t exist and then the beat takes over our heart beat. For some, EDM has been around for a long time. For me, it was like opening a fresh can of paint in 2010 for the first time. I wanted to splash every track I heard with my voice after that. I was used to classical piano training from age 8-17 and listened to music from Celine Dion, Selena, Jon Secada, and Coldplay. I’d sing at every Miami pub, open mic, house party I could. I wrote my own material for years but it wasn’t until I heard the track U&I (2011) that EDM walked into my life. I wouldn’t say I got into EDM, EDM got into me.

We recently featured your collaboration with Ken Loi “All It Takes” as the #2 song of 2012 thus far. Describe how this track came about?


-U&I had been released out on Mixmash records (GTA/Laidback Luke).

-Ken Loi bootleged U&I (a.k.a made a mash up with U&I) and thanks to Ken U&I got Armin van Buuren supported it in Ibiza.

-Ken loi reached out to me for a collaboration a little while after.

-I heard his track, and our baby was born.

-TIESTO… baptised the baby.

What is it like being in Miami, where the city has become somewhat of an American epicenter for dance music?

My voice on this is,

For me…

-Is it crazy? Yes.

-Is it beautiful? Yes.

-Is it bad? Not all of it, theirs an ugly side to everything. I chose to see the good, (as always) but thats just me.

-Is it busy? Yes, Miami is busy all the time, theirs a light show every weekend. I try and stay away to appreciate it more but sometimes i’m just a fly to the lamp.

-Is it fun? – i’d say yes, who doesn’t like to dance, have a great time, dress crazy and go crazy every once in a while?

-Is it too much? I don’t think so, dance music is a piece of Miami, I think they make a great couple. They’re a little crazy together but fit like two peas and their pod.

Who are your big influences in regards to your style of music/singing?

-Nina Simone

-Rachael Yamagata

-Norah Jones

-Aqua Lung

-Alejandro Sanz



What are your next big projects that you are planning on releasing?

Michael Brun feat Zashanell- (Phazing Records)

Morgan page feat Zashanell

Laidback Luke feat Zashanell

Paris and Simo- GTA feat Zashanell

………. and many more!

With every interview at EDM Charts we always ask artists what their current top #5 are? What are Zashanell’s top #5 songs right now?

1-Avicii- Silhouettes

2-David Guetta ft. Tegan & Sara – Every Chance we get we run

3-Sultan+Ned Shepard -Walls Feat. Quilla

4-Nervo – You’re gonna love again

5-Tiesto & Wolfgang Gartner – We own the night ft. Luciana

What are some DJs that you would like to collaborate with and why?

The reason why i’d like to collaborate with the following Artists/DJ’s will be the same for all.

They will bring out the best in me because of the feeling behind their work.




-Armin van Buuren

-Above and Beyond


A fun question for you: To get you prepped for the night in regard to your rider: Adult beverages or Red Bull?

I’m not much of a drinker. If you follow me on twitter @Zashanell, you’ve probably read my tweets about me on Red Bull though “Slice me open like a fish = Redbull”.

Assuming you’ve been to Ultra Music Festival (or are at the very least familiar with it), can you describe how big it is to Miami and how awesome of an experience it is.

Let’s just say when March comes around, it’s Miami New Years for Locals. The experience is like no other, everyone comes together to work out a.k.a dance. It’s bigger than any festival here in Miami or anything really. I think the only thing that tops Ultras spirit in a bigger way would be The Heat. It’s exciting to see it grow, Ultra only get’s bigger and better every year.

Where can fans purchase your music and follow you social media wise?

Beatport & iTunes – Ken loi ft Zashanell- All it takes / Gta ft Zashanell – U&I




-Twitter- @Zashanell

-FB – http://www.facebook.com/zashanellofficial


– Zashanell.com — http://www.zashanell.com/

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