5 Dec

Happy December EDM Charts fans! Above & Beyond produce pure gold with the new remix of “Alchemy”. Hardwell shoots for the sun with “Apollo”. Ronski Speed looks to clear minds with “Sanity”.

1. ABOVE & BEYOND, ZOE JOHNSTON “ALCHEMY” [MYON & SHANE 54 REDEMPTION MIX] (ANJUNABEATS) Release Date: 2012-12-3edmcharts_alchemy_a&b

Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Progressive House

Origin: UK

Description: After Above & Beyond’s massive album release of Group Therapy, “Alchemy” is one single that really stood out. Thanks to Hungarian producers Myon & Shane 54, their new remix is killer. It adds a darkened feel to the original which is much more friendly towards a club. Zoe Johnston has become the go to female vocalist for A&B, and she never disappoints, especially not on this #1 single.

Reminds Us Of: “Alchemy” – Above & Beyond, Zoe Johnston



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2. HARDWELL, AMBA SHEPHERD “APOLLO” [ORIGINAL MIX] (REVEALED RECORDINGS) Release Date: 2012-11-26edmcharts_apollo_hardwell

Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Progressive House

Origin: UK

Description: Hardwell is a mad man. He keeps pumping out single after single, and they’re all quality releases. This latest one is currently on top of Beatport sales. The instrumental is majestic and is much more progressive house in style than his usual electro house. Don’t forget the Aussie vocalist Amba Shepherd, as she brings the track to life with her heavenly vocals that perfectly match the tempo. Oh, and did we mention she’ll be featured on an interview this upcoming weekend, so make sure to check back!

Reminds Us Of: “Sky High” – Dyro, Amba Shepherd


Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Progressive House

Origin: UK

Description: Who hasn’t heard of Imogen Heap? She’s done her own thing for years mainly along the Indie scene side of things.  Tiesto took the melancholy single and pumped up the BPMs to make it a memorable trance track for the ages.

Reminds Us Of: “Just Be” – Tiesto, Kirsty Hawkshaw

3. RONSKI SPEED, MELISSA LORETTA “SANITY” [ORIGINAL MIX] (EUPHONIC) Release Date: 2012-12-3edmcharts_sanity_ronski

Rating: ★★★★

Genre: Trance

Origin: Germany

Description: If you’re looking for a great vocal trance track, than the latest single from Ronski Speed hits the spot. Ronski Speed teams up with vocalist Melissa Loretta on “Sanity”. The track itself is very airy and optimistic in styling. Loretta’s vocals are unbelievable and truly stand out. Ronski Speed is all about quality and not fame. This is one for any true EDM lover.

Reminds Us Of: “Afterglow” – Ronski Speed, Ana Criado

4. QULINEZ “BAMF” [ORIGINAL MIX] (SIZE RECORDS) Release Date: 2012-12-3edmcharts_BAMF_qulinez

Rating: ★★★

Genre: Progressive House

Origin: Sweden

Description: Qulinez has been shooting up the charts and has become a player in the EDM scene as of this last year. The Swedish DJ duo release a great new progressive house single in “BAMF” (we’ll let you figure out what that means). It is a winding and pounding track, that will get anyone going. Sweden should be proud to have another great set of artists representing its country.

Reminds Us Of: “Troll” – Qulinez

5. HELVETIC NERDS “BLOOD PRESSURE” [EDX & LEVETINA MIX] (PINKSTAR RECORDS) Release Date: 2012-12-3edmcharts_bloodpressure_helveticnerds

Rating: ★★★

Genre: Progressive House

Origin: Switzerland

Description: Helvetic Nerds is a fairly new group of multiple artists hailing from the PinkStar label, including the likes of EDX, Levetina, Dinka and others. “Blood Pressure” capture a bit of progressive house and on the chorus goes electro house in somewhat of a 80s synth feel. The sampling of vocals give it a groovy feel.

Reminds Us Of: “Radiate” – Julie Thompson, Dinka, Helvetic Nerds

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