13 Dec


One of the hottest up and coming vocalists is Australian song bird Amba Shepherd. Having come on the scene most recently being featured on vocals with Dyro and Hardwell, Shepherd has clearly made a name for herself. EDM Charts takes a few minutes to catch up and see what has been going on with Shepherd. Keep reading to learn even more about this great upcoming star!

1. Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule Amba, to sit down and chat with EDM Charts! To kick things off tell us a bit more about yourself, like where you’re from, how you got involved with music, etc.

Hey guys nice to meet you! I am from Sydney and I have been in music pretty much my whole life my Dad is a musician a classic tenor and also a beautiful jazz guitarist so growing up music was life and life was music. For a while I thought I would just try writing songs for other people I wrote for some of the Australian Idol winners etc but in 2010 I wrote & sang on a track called I Believe w Nick Galea it did really well over here #2 on the Aria Chart and that started the ball rolling for my topline feature vocals.

2. Your name has been a trending topic lately as you’re featured on Hardwell’s latest single “Apollo” which is currently on top of the charts. Describe the track and how did you get involved with the production?

Hardwell contacted me in September to write the vocal part for the track so it all happened very quickly. I had just literally just got off a long flight home from Thailand when I received the email to work on the track, it was a great welcome home present. I went to Thailand to get out of Sydney for a little while to clear my head, this year has been really hectic for me. Its such a beautiful country w beautiful people but I was so struck by the poverty there. When I got home I really felt so grateful for the amazing life that I have, for being able to work in music everyday, for being surrounded by such amazing wonderful people, for so many things! And that’s what inspired the lyric “We are the lucky ones” it was an observation about how good life really is when you sit back and just appreciate what you have.

3. What was it like to work with Hardwell and Revealed Recordings?

I love the awesome energy in Hardwell’s productions I am a big fan of his work, and he has been a big supporter of several of my tunes too. Like I said it all happened super fast they sent me the track and about a week later I had finished the vocal part and then a few weeks later we were premiering the track at the Revealed ADE Label party at Escape in Amsterdam it was amazing!!

4. Being from Australia, what is the current EDM and music scene in general like “down under”?

I really like the scene here there are some incredible producers in Australia and the labels really do a great job supporting and promoting local talent. The Aria club chart is really in touch with what’s happening locally too including local remixes on international releases here and also really supporting local artists.

5. Like we do with every other interview at EDM Charts, what are your current top #5 tracks?

Top 5 right now:

  1. Like Home Nicky Romero & Nervo
  2. Kick It Skism Dirtyloud Remix
  3. Rewind Emma Hewitt Mikas Remix
  4. Porter Robinson & Mat Zo Easy
  5. Afrojack Annie’s Theme

6. Do you do any DJing on your own, or are mainly just sticking to vocals and songwriting?

No I’m not a DJ I’m a singer / songwriter / vocal producer / producer.

7. Out of all the venues you’ve performed in thus far, what is your favorite place to do so, or do you have a place you haven’t performed at yet that you wish to do?

I have been pretty locked up in the studio the past 12 months so actually name a place and I prob want to perform there! I’m really keen to work on some of the big festivals Ultra EDC Coachella they would be incredible.

8. Who do you look up to among other EDM vocalists and why?

There is a lot of amazing vocal talent in the EDM scene but my idols are people like Stevie Wonder Donny Hathaway Michael Jackson Ella Fitzgerald Sarah Vaughan Billie Holliday and Eva Cassidy all of these singers have an incredible raw authentic sound and give fearless emotional performances. In the EDM scene some of the vocalists I love for the same reasons are Kelis, Rihanna and Florence Welch – all amazing.

9. Club or festival and why?

Both are awesome, festivals are pretty special obviously so many people altogether makes it a magical experience.

10. Tell fans where they can find out more about you and discover your music online?

I’m pretty addicted to Facebook & Twitter so you can definitely catch me there to come and say hi and see what I am up to!! facebook.com/AmbaShepherdOfficial & twitter.com/ambashepherd.


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