16 Jan

What a great week for releases for a traditionally slow time of the year for EDM! Bjorn Akesson comes up blazing with trance with “Gunsmoke”. Daddy’s Groove is looking “stellar”. Ost & Meyer “take off” with their latest single.

1. BJORN AKESSON “GUNSMOKE” [ORIGINAL MIX] (FUTURE SOUND OF EGYPT) Release Date: 2013-1-14edmcharts_gunsmoke_bjorn

Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Trance

Origin: Sweden

Description: When you think of Future Sound of Egypt, you think of two things: trance and Aly & Fila. Well, it’s time to think of three things, as we introduce to you Bjorn Akesson. He’s been producing for some great tracks over the last couple years with “Painting Pyramids” and “Castle Technology” as prime examples. The most recent release “Gunsmoke” is trance at its finest. The young Swede captures the energy of Egypt, by integrating string instruments and banging synths. Stay tuned this week as we will be featuring an interview with Akesson!

Reminds Us Of: “Sand Theme – FSOE 250” – Aly & Fila, Bjorn Akesson



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2. DADDY’S GROOVE “STELLAR” [EXTENDED CLUB MIX] (SPINNIN RECORDS) Release Date: 2013-1-14edmcharts_stellar_daddysgroove

Rating: ★★★★

Genre: Progressive House

Origin: Italy

Description: The Italian trio of Daddy’s Groove have really been making a name for themselves over the last year. They caught the eye of EDM legend David Guetta with “Turn The Lights Down” which caught a lot of attention. “Stellar” has been highly anticipated. Having already received much radio play and features on DJ podcasts, it was only a matter of time until it was officially released under Spinnin Records. The music video is great, the lyrics are well thought out and the instrumental is banging and dramatic.

Reminds Us Of: “Superstar [Daddy’s Groove Remix]” – James Blunt, Daddy’s Groove


Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Trance

Origin: UK

Description: We take you way back to 1999, when EDM was in its toddler years. R.O.O.S.’s trance hit “Instant Moments” is still regarded as a top #100 trance hit of all time. With cheeky electronic sounds and nice organic vibe, it’s nice to sit back and take in the old school sound.

3. OST & MEYER “TAKE OFF” [ORIGINAL REMIX] (ENHANCED RECORDINGS) Release Date: 2013-1-7edmcharts_takeoff_ost&meyer

Rating: ★★★★

Genre: Trance

Origin: Ukraine

Description: Having floated in between both Anjunabeats and Enhanced Recordings, Ost & Meyer return back to the ladder to release their most finesse track to date. The vocal sample that is chopped up really adds to the character of the track. The track slowly progresses as it is eventually aided by bass and percussion. The track has garnered much attention thus far, most notably on “Trance Around The World” with Above & Beyond.

Reminds Us Of: “Safari” – Ost & Meyer

4. FEHRPLAY “I CAN’T STOP IT” [ORIGINAL MIX] (PRYDA FRIENDS) Release Date: 2012-1-14edmcharts_fehrplay

Rating: ★★★

Genre: Progressive House

Origin: UK

Description: UK DJ Fehrplay makes his top #5 chart debut with “I Can’t Stop It” under Eric Prydz’ label Pryda Friends. The track highlights the vocal chorus (which is simply the title of the track). The beat is very similar to that of Pryda. It is circuitous, trance-like and addicting. Pryda Friends is starting to become a force to be reckoned with, as they gain more artists and continually put out quality product.

Reminds Us Of: “Circles [Eric Prydz Remix]” – Digitalism

5. MARCO LYS, PROK & FITCH “BANGO” [ORIGINAL MIX] (GREAT STUFF RECORDINGS) Release Date: 2013-1-7edmcharts_marcolys

Rating: ★★★

Genre: Tech House

Origin: Italy, UK

Description: The final track to cap off this week’s top #5 takes us into the tech house genre. Italian Marco Lys and UK DJs Prok & Fitch pump out a groove spinning single that makes you feel like you’re in Little Havana. The vocal chops and bongo driven beats will are easy on the ears and excite the senses. It’s a feel good single that is high energy in nature and a fun listen.

Reminds Us Of: “Can’t Get Enough” – Marco Lys

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