19 Jan


When it comes to trance, one of the hottest names is Bjorn Akesson. The young Swede has developed his own unique style under the watchful eyes of labelmates Aly & Fila. Drop what you’re doing and read about a talented DJ/Producer that isn’t afraid of 134 BPMs!

1. Bjorn: Thanks a bunch for sitting down to do an interview with EDM Charts. Let’s start off the interview by finding out what you’re all about such as where you’re from, things you’re into, and how you got involved with EDM.
Besides my musical career I guess I’m a pretty normal Swedish guy who loves to party, listen to music and do sports. I got involved with EDM basically through videogames. I always apprichiated games with good music and through time electronic music got featured in games. Being a pretty hi-tech and creative guy, producing music was a natural step after I fell in love with trance. I discovered EDM via older friends from school.
2. This week EDM Charts is featuring your newest release “Gunsmoke” in our weekly Top #5 Chart as the #1 song of the week. How did this track come about and what’s the meaning behind it?
Wow that’s cool, thanks! It started off as a kinda generic trance tune where the break was the main element. After a few minutes I got bored with the arrangement and asked myself if I really was gonna go down the same path I often do. I started experimenting with it and came out with a more electroish approach which I was very satisfied with. I took a few risks with it and it really paid off. The title has not much to do with the track itself, more than I thought the title were very suitable. I got the name from the old nintendo game Gun.Smoke, one of my favourite games.
3. Can you also speak a bit about your other single on the EP “Sol”?
I’ve been meaning to do a new arabic styled track following the footsteps of “Painting Pyramids” and “Sandcastle Express”. However follow-ups can be really tricky, they need to be similar but at the same time different enough to not sound like a lazy rework. When I got booked to FSOE250 in Egypt I wanted to make a brand new intro track, didn’t need to be a full track, but something brand new, so I produced the intromix of it and it stayed as an “ID” for a while after. After being very satisfied with the track I decided to finish it and release it as a complete song.
4. People who are familiar with Bjorn Akesson know that any time you release a track it is always a quality production. You don’t necessarily have the commercial hype of some other EDM artists, but you have a strong following of loyal supporters. What’s your theory behind how you go about promoting yourself to fans?
The essential steps is making quality music on a regular basis and get them released on a proper recordlabel. Just being signed to a label doesn’t do it unfortunately. I also keep very updated on all social medias and make sure to interact with my fans. But all in all the music is what’s important, good music attract people.
5. Like we do with every other interview at EDM Charts, what are your current top #5 tracks?
  1. Fehrplay – I Can’t Stop It
  2. Bjorn Akesson – Gunsmoke
  3. Daniel Kandi – #TranceFamily
  4. Wilkinson feat Iman – Need To Know
  5. Skrillex – Scary Bolly Dub
6. What’s it like to work under your label Future Sound of Egypt (FSOE)?
It’s great, I have a very good relation with Aly & Fila who runs the label. They are very openminded about music and respect my ideas and opinions. I think it’s important to have a label that lets you be an artist and do what you want to do instead of limiting yourself. Of course they are in charge and give valuable pointers on my music that I apply.
7. Your tracks seem to often times incorporate themes and sounds of Egypt such as pyramids and Middle Eastern instruments/sounds. How has the country itself (Egypt) and Aly & Fila influenced your production and marketing.
Egypt in a way has inspired me, but again I get my inspiration everywhere. I would have created those type of tracks even if I was signed to another label, so Aly & Fila hasn’t really influenced me.
8. What current equipment are you rocking right now with your DJ sets?
Besides my headphones and USB-sticks I use the CDJ-2000 from Pioneer. Laptop DJing has inspired me, but you cannot beat the feeling with proper cd-players.
9. Are there any projects you’re working on outside of your recent singles? We know you are always staying busy with your podcast Threshold!
Yes there are a few, but I cannot really say anything about those yet at the moment.
10. Tell fans where they can find out more about you and discover your music online?
My website is the best source of information! www.bjornakesson.com

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