21 Feb


EDM Charts says hello to Dutch DJ Artento Divini! Learn more about his recent single “Dropoff”, his radio show, and his thoughts on trap music. Take a few minutes to catch up on this great talent!

Artento, thanks for taking time to talk some EDM with EDM Charts! You’ve been a busy man as of late! Tell us how you got started in the game and where you are from.

Thanks for having me. Well, I was born in: Doetinchem, a city in the Netherlands, which is located near the German border. Ever since I was little I was very interested in sports and therefore started swimming on a professional level at the age of seven. When I was fifteen years old, I started mountain biking and soon was enrolled in the Dutch selection. After this sporting period I started my DJ career. At first, I was merely joking around, spinning the records for the fun of it. But as time went on, I started getting a lot more serious with DJ-ing. I started DJ-ing in clubs and began with producing of records in 2006. I was in my early 20’s when I started the craft on a professional level. And even though I may be a little older than the others starting out, I’m still full with energy that I have to exercise two times a week, to keep me sane and balanced.

Your recent release “Drop Off” has really made an impact in the trance/progressive house scene! What’s the inspiration behind the song and what was it like gaining such widespread support, especially from the likes of Armin van Buuren with a State of Trance?

To be honest, I wasn’t quite expecting it. I was just making a quick track to fit in between my sets. I had already wrote a theme and only needed a couple of beats to fit within the theme. Ultimately, I saw that the theme was standing in the way of the amazing beats that were created. Therefore, the theme was thrown out immediately and the next day: ‘Drop Off’ was made and sent to Marco V, who wanted to sign it for his label In Charge.

How would you define your style of music? It really seems like it is a hybrid of genres.

Honestly, I just do what feels right to me and don’t put a label on it. Dick de Groot, the founder and owner of Be Yourself Music, put together a very interesting slogan for me: ‘Cruising between genres and clashing musical borders’, and I think it’s worth to stick to that slogan. 😉

Right now you’re currently working under In Charge Records, a label at Be Yourself Music. How did you
get involved with this label and what is it like working with them?

I’m really happy to be involved with them. Dick, the A&R Manager as well, knows how to reach for the best within me. Sometimes we disagree, but in the end we always reach a mutual decision that works out in both of our best interests.

You live in the Netherlands, home of many great DJs. How would you explain the explosion of talent
from this country over the past few years?

I think that Dutch DJ’s as Tiesto, Ferry Corsten and Armin van Buuren paved the way for fellow Dutch artists and producers, internationally. Furthermore, the Netherlands have very high-quality musical studies and technical opportunities within the DJ-scene. And due to the Dutch’s extreme large and internationally based party-scene, driven and ambitious DJ’s are almost destined to explore the borders of our small country.

Are there any future projects you’re working on that you can give fans a description of?

After six years, I decided to get back in the studio with Melvin Warning, under the alias: Divini & Warning. We already released the first three records at Energetic Sounds, a sub label of Armada. And the next three releases are already finished and ready to get released. These releases are all part of an eclectic sound that combines House, Elektro and Hardstyle. Which might seem like a strange combination, but it gives the exact kind of party vibe we go for.

It wouldn’t be an interview at EDM Charts, without getting your opinion on the current top #5 EDM songs. What are they?

  • Artento Divini – Drop Off
  • Divini & Warning – The Housebeat
  • Ferry Corsten ft Duane Harden – Love Will (Original)
  • Marco v vs Damian Willliam – Naneo
  • Jonas Stenberg vs Artento Divini – Hammer

You do a radio show/podcast titled F.O.M.B. Why do you do it and what’s the concept behind it?

The foremost reason I host that show is because I enjoy it. It gets more professional as time goes by and as it is broadcasted by Fresh FM here in the Netherlands, the target group of my show grows increasingly, every time. Besides the show being heard on the air, it is also covered by more than 30 different online radio stations e.g; Sense.fm, Diesel.fm, RadioFG etc.

Furthermore, the element of the show that I enjoy to great extent is the ability to experience the ‘voice’ of our audience, all thanks to the interactivity of the internet. During the radio broadcast, we bring in the Twitter request, where Twitter users can request a song. And in our ‘tune of the week’- poll on facebook.com/ArtentoDiviniOfficial, facebook users can vote on the best of three selected tracks. Within the last interactive part of our show is The Mash-Up Of The Show, where producers can send in their mash ups via mashup@artentodivini.com.

What is one artist or vocalist that you haven’t worked with yet, that you would really like to in the near

I really like the voice of Emma Hewitt and Duane Harden and hope to cooperate with them in the (near ) future.

What’s your opinion on the new surge in interest of “Trap” music? Is it really quality material, or is this
just a short term phenomenon that lacks artistic skill?

I think it is pretty nice to hear beats with a little more down tempo in it. Everybody is constantly looking for
something new, and maybe is ‘trap’ just that thing they were looking for, but to be honest, I wouldn’t include it in
my sets.

Our site never posts any unauthorized material and we are huge supporters of going out and buying
the music. Where can fans purchase your material or listen to your sets? Also, where can fans find you
on social media and submit their input?

You can buy my music online at Beatport and iTunesand stream it at Spotify.

You can find more about me and my music on:

website: http://www.artentodivini.com

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ArtentoDiviniOfficial,

Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/artentodivini

podcast: http://bit.ly/weeklyFOMBpodcast

Youtube http://www.youtube.com/ArtentoDivini

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