3 Mar


This week EDM Charts welcomes techno star Marco Bailey for an interview! Check out more about his recent releases, his podcast and what inspires him. Take a moment to discover the man behind the music: Marco Bailey!

Marco Bailey from Belgium is one of the busiest techno DJs around. Touring every weekend, hitting each continent and managing his ever so popular label MB Elektronics known for its prolific output of quality techno. February 11th marked the release of his new artist album High Volume. Therefore, we are stoked to have him for an exclusive interview!

Your new album High Volume was recently released on your own label MB Elektronics. How does it feel to deliver a baby like that. How much work do you have to put in it? 

I worked on it about 6 months so it gives me great joy to see it out now!

What was the highlight from 2012 for you?

Playing Tomorrowland Festival in my own Belgium , Playing like every year in sold out Ageha in Tokyo Japan my beloved and favorite crowd, Pacha Buenos Aires Argentina and Space Ibiza with Carl Cox ..to name a few …

How do you come up with the names for your tracks?

Wild Animals for the techno Tunes as techno is music to make people go wild on the dancefloor and dance ! 🙂

The downtempo tracks referred to places where I come to peace and mostly relax. Like Airport lounge and Grolzham, the small town in Austria between mountains and woods where my Girlfriend comes from – a place of peace.

Was the biggest crowd you ever played for also your best crowd?

No for sure not 🙂 It does not need to be big to be good.. Same with a big name DJs nowadays “Is the one who sells the oh so important tickets also good each time as well ?? :)) lol

Which DJs from EDM became your personal friends?

Carl Cox, this big man has respected me since long time and Carl will ALWAYS get first priority with me in new productions or anything else, as well as John Digweed. Same words for these 2 great people and great artists since a decade!

Furthermore ….Carlo Lio, Joseph Capriati, Christian Smith, Nick Warren, Umek, Adam Beyer and of course my Team: Redhead, Filterheadz, Mr Bizz ,Tom Hades, Dany Rodriguez …

The most inspiring moment from your life?

Still needs to come as I am searching every day for more inspirations ! 🙂

Producing dance music stands synonymous to spending countless of hours behind the computer screen sculpting your beats. What do you do in your free time to stay fit?

I try to run every day 30 minutes and try to go to the gym like twice a week which is actually still not enough but better than nothing with busy schedules.

Who is your favorite female techno DJ?

Tini from Germany she rocks and still Mixes herself – she does not push a sequencer or sync bottom which is Ott !

If you would play at a party where only 20 people showed up for.. would you finish your set and make it a hell of a party? Give an example.

Yes why not I played so many great afterparties for like 10 to 12 hours. You don’t always need the 2K people to have a great Harmony!

You have a podcast right? Where can people check that out?





Anything else you would like to mention to our readers?

Thank you for checking out my new Album High Volume and my label MB Elektronics and my radio show Elektronic Force and please :

Go check out DJs based on their skills and special tracks, instead of buying tickets to see some clowns doing nothing more than a circus act and play the radio hits one after the other. It’s easy as peanuts.

Thanks again Marco for taking the time for this interview!

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