7 Mar


This week EDM Charts welcomes EDM legends Kyau & Albert for an interview! Find out more about their recent album release, how they founded Euphonic Records and their influences. Read MORE: Kyau & Albert!
Kyau & Albert: Thank you very much guys for taking some time to talk with EDM Charts about what you’ve been up to and happenings in EDM. Tell us where you’re from and how you got involved with EDM and Djing?

Ralph Kyau: We’re from Germany and we do Kyau & Albert since 16 years non-stop now. In the beginning, we only did live-acts where Steven was as already singing. Later we started Djing.

Steven Albert: We also run the label Euphonic Records since 1997.

Describe how you two met and how you’ve pushed each other to become better artists?

Steven Albert: We are from the same town and met through a friend, who is now our manager. The secret of our success is possibly the same positive thinking and a quite simular taste in music combined with the eagerness to experiment a bit, while we’re in the studio.

Ralph Kyau: We originally started as a band and we still see us more as musicians than just DJs, although we only deejay nowadays. Even MTV Europe once called us a ‘DJ band’, which describes quite exactly, what we are.

“All Your Colours” is your huge new single. It has already received a bunch of support from various radio shows and podcasts such as Group Therapy and A State of Trance. What’s the inspiration behind the track and how did it come about?

Ralph Kyau: It was one of the 40 tracks we did for the new album. When we played a few album songs to our friends and long-term Euphonic artists, we got a great response and decided to release “All Your Colours” as the single before we release the whole album.

Talk about your new album “Nights Awake“. It is described as a record for dreamers. What are some of the noteworthy tracks and why will it inspire listeners?

Steven Albert: Of course we hope to inspire people to listen to the album. And honestly all of the tracks on the album are our favorites, cos we choose them out of around 40 tracks, which we composed for “Nights Awake“.

Ralph Kyau: It also took some time to make the final tracklist. Feedback from press and fans is huge, which is a really great feeling, cos we already felt when finishing the album, that this one could be our biggest longplayer to date.

 What is it like working with a profound record label in Euphonic, with other great artists like Ronski Speed and Stoneface & Terminal?

Ralph Kyau: The big advantage about having an own record label is the musical freedom as an artist.

Steven Albert: We have full control about the marketing and timing, which for exmple really helps on the “Nights Awake“ album tour, cos we also have in-house booking with Euphonic.

You have a very well known radio show/podcast in Euphonic Sessions. Why do you do it and what’s the process that goes into it every month?

Steven Albert: We are receiving hundreds of promos every month and really listen to all of them. We try to pick out tracks we like, no matter if the label and artist are known or unknown.

Ralph Kyau: True! Only the track is important.

With every interview at EDM Charts we always ask artists what their current top #5 are? What are Kyau & Albert’s top #5 songs right now?

1. Stoneface & Terminal with Amurai – Let You Fall

2. Above & Beyond – Black Room Boy (Club Mix)

3. Sequentia pres Daniel Garrick – Five Years

4. Audien ft Michael S – Leaving You

5. Kyau & Albert – Glühwürmchen

Recently there was much stir with the city of Miami trying to prevent a second weekend of Ultra Music Festival, due to concerns of patrons supposedly only going to participate in illegal drugs and other high risk activities. What direction does the EDM scene need to move in to improve its overall image and showcase that fans are truly there for the love of the music?

Steven Albert: EDM is a very connecting music and a peaceful scene too. I think if you really wanna find something, you’ll find drugs and alcohol literally everywhere young people are involved. This has nothing to do with EDM.

What festivals and concerts can fans catch Kyau & Albert at in the upcoming spring and summer festival season?

Ralph Kyau: We’ll play a couple of festivals and also do a big number of “Nights Awake“ events in the next months. Also we do a big “Nights Awake“ event in Miami on Wed, March 20th!

What artists, regardless of genre, do you cite as your biggest influences and why?

Steven Albert: Paul van Dyk was possibely our biggest influence in the beginning of our career. He defined this Trance sound. He was the first who brought the pumping Techno beats together with warm synthesizer sounds.

Ralph Kyau: When we were listening to his tracks like “For An Angel“ or “Forbidden Fruit“ in the mid 90’s, we knew that this is the kind of music, which brings club music to a bigger audience. Even my brother who normally listened to Rock, was very excited about this sound.

Tell fans where they can purchase your music and where they can find out more and follow Kyau & Albert online?

Steven Albert: “Nights Awake“ is out on CD and also digitally on all knows shops.

“Nights Awake“ CD: http://www.shop.euphonic.de or http://www.amazon.co.uk

“Nights Awake“ download: https://itunes.apple.com/album/nights-awake/id600009963




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