18 Mar


This week EDM Charts welcomes vocalist and songwriter Arielle Maren for an interview! Learn more about her recent releases, thoughts on the musical process and love for music!

Arielle, thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to sit down and visit with EDM Charts! Take a moment to tell us some more about yourself, such as where you’re from, how you got involved with music and how you are where you are now.

Thank you for contacting me! I’m excited to see what the future holds. Originally, I was born in Florida though I have lived abroad in places such as Estonia, Finland & Spain. Now I am blessed to call Austin, Texas my home. A large part of my childhood was spent in Portland, Oregon, and it was here that I fell in love with the early dance music scene. I remember when everything was still pretty much underground, and there were only a few select venues that hosted such events. It was actually at one such show that I meet producer & dj Cardinal, and from our shared passion of this form of music, we embarked on creating our own tunes together. It is through sheer passion that I am where I am today. What makes creating music so fulfilling to me is in the making of it itself. I am never looking into the future with expectations for the outcome of my work. I am solely satisfied by the doing of it! It’s just an added bonus when a track does really well, and I am grateful for that!

You are part of a huge release with Estiva & Cardinal in “Wait Forever”. How did you get selected to do vocals and what was it like producing this massive track?

Vocal tracks can be done in one of two ways; either the basics of the track are laid out and then the producer will search out a vocalist, or the vocals come first and a track is built around it. “Wait Forever” came into creation through the latter. I had this melody stuck in my head, so I happened to capture it along with the words that embraced the song. Cardinal heard it and decided that he could create the ambience that would bring dimension into the song. With the help of Estiva, he brought the track to an entirely new level. I’m thrilled with the outcome, as both versions have something unique to offer.

You currently work with Armada and Enhanced Recordings. How have these labels helped launch and develop your career?

I am truly grateful to have such wonderful record labels backing my sound. I fully trust them as they represent much of the quality music that is being brought into the industry today. They are fantastic at promoting tracks and artists by building that bridge that connects the audience to the music. We’ve had a chance to interview some big time vocalists such as Emma Hewitt and Amba Shepherd. What vocalists out there are inspirations to you and why? I am a fan of all things music. I don’t confine myself or my ears to one specific genre. Although all of my work that has been released is in the realm of EDM, I am passionate about other genres as well, and even have a few works composed in country, pop and folk. I was drawn to EDM because of its powerful melodies and passionate vocal messages. I’ve been a big supporter of Sarah McLachlan & Dido, to name a few, as they write & sing from a place of honesty and pure emotion. I try to capture this essence through my work as well.

We understand that you’re also a songwriter? What are the challenges associated with writing lyrics for EDM as opposed to other genres such as pop, rock, alternative, etc?

The most difficult aspect to keep in mind when writing for EDM is not necessarily the lyrics, but the emotion or tone behind them. You have to continually ask yourself, “does the tone harmonize with the lyrics and match upwith the entire track?” “Does the emotion fit into the track like the missing piece of the puzzle, or are the two not adding up?” It’s more of an intuitive process that you go through, as you try on many different approaches until one captures it all. Another aspect to be aware of is that in creating lyrics for EDM, you sometimes have to get to the core of what you are trying to convey in fewer words. So in essence, those words become more powerful as by singing less, you are really saying more.

We had an interview this summer with Velvetine, where we got into a discussion about how classical music has heavily influenced their productions? How essential is it that young producers out there actually understand the basics, such as music composition, knowledge of instruments, as well as the history of music?

There is the argument out there that anyone can make music. This is and is not true, all at the same time. Music is a form of art, and art lies in the eyes of the beholder. Something can become art when someone else can stand back to appreciate it, the process and the technique to form that outcome, even though they don’t necessarily understand it. This is how new genres in music are created all the time. Someone can say… “we’ll this isn’t music because it doesn’t follow this or that rule.” What makes new music is in the breaking of these rules; to create what has not been done before. Of course, anyone can bang on some drums and call it music when in fact it may be just a bunch of noise. I believe a true artist understands fundamentals such as harmony, rhythm and flow. When in perfect balance with eachother, the outcome is greater than the sum of its parts; I refer to it as the creation of “soul”. So you could say that true musicians have the ability to create this “soul” in their work.

EDM Charts staple is our Top #5 Weekly Chart. Like we ask all guests: What are your current Top #5 Songs?

There are a lot of great tracks out there at the moment, that it is hard to name just a few! I have a lot of respect for all artists out there who pour themselves into their work.

Where will you be touring this summer?

I’m scheduled for a live performance this May in San Antonio. There has been talk about some other possible locations and venues, but we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store. My dream would be to go on a world tour some day, but for now, this is a dream in the making 🙂 Are there any upcoming projects that you’re working on that you can fill us in on? Cardinal & I are in the process of creating some more “music magic”. I’m really excited to share our next project with the world, as it is a little bit different from our previous two tracks. I like to show our fans that we can make an array of different music, from uplifting to dark & edgy.

Tell fans where they can listen to and purchase your music. Also do you have anything else to tell your fans?

All of my music can be purchased on beatport.com, and there are many music clips on youtube.com as well. I just want to give a BIG shout-out and THANK YOU to all my fans & supporters who believe in my music as much as I do! It’s amazing to see how it can touch others from all corners of the globe, and for all their support, I am truly humbled and grateful.

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