7 Apr


What a week as EDM Charts approaches a huge milestone in volume 100! Pryda flexes some “power” with his latest Black Dice styled hit. Cramp brings fans forward to the future with “A.d. 2030”. Max Graham hits the charts with some great vocal trance.

1. PRYDA “POWER DRIVE” [ORIGINAL MIX] (PRYDA RECORDS) Release Date: 2013-4-1edmcharts_pryda

Rating: ★★★★★


Origin: SWEDEN

Description: In celebration of Pryda’s newest residency at Surrender Night Club in Las Vegas, this anthem showcases the darker side of Progressive House. This track is almost more techno per se than Progressive. It contains elements of symphonic instruments for a more dramatic aura, a pounding beat and plenty of electro synths. This is easily one of the top 5 overall tracks of 2013 and was a smash hit at Ultra Music Festival 2013.

Reminds Us Of: “‘Mokba” – Cirez D



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2. CRAMP “2030 A.d.” [ORIGINAL MIX] (INTRICATE RECORDS) Release Date: 2013-4-1edmcharts_cramp

Rating: ★★★★


Origin: RUSSIA

Description: Russian producer Cramp comes out with techy banger in A.d. 2030, which provides us with an insight into the distant future. The track is influenced heavily by the Far East with Indian instruments. The techno portion kicks in as the track speeds up into a quickened bass line. For someone who typically has been none as a trance producer, this is quite the transition into techno.

Reminds Us Of: “Bombay” – Cramp

3. MAX GRAHAM, ALANA ALDEA “WHERE YOU ARE” [ORIGINAL MIX] (RE*BRAND) Release Date: 2013-3-25edmcharts_maxgraham

Rating: ★★★★


Origin: CANADA

Description: Canadian trance producer resume has spanned quite a few years, with many hits. This latest vocal trance track featuring Alana Aldea, highlights emotions and the more progressive side of trance. Aldea does an amazing job on vocals, which can be attribute to her great track record of being a vocalist on various hit songs such as “Nothing Else Matters”. The melody is well-balanced on the track and aids in a warm sounding vibe.

Reminds Us Of: “Still There’s You” – Max Graham, Jeza

4. NIC TOMS “PERFECT START” [ORIGINAL MIX] (FRACTION RECORDS) Release Date: 2013-4-1edmcharts_nictoms

Rating: ★★★★



Description: Nic Toms makes a smashing entrance into the big time arena of trance. Being only around 21 years old, “Perfect Start” has garnered great support from EDM legend Armin van Buuren. The track has  a great drop into a solid bass line. The rest of this work of art is a groove that is comfortable to ride and follow. Watch out for this up and coming artist, as this release has opened up a lot of eyes.

Reminds Us Of: “After Sunshine” – Nic Toms

5. ROBERTO CAPUANO “VERTIGO” [ORIGINAL MIX] (DRUMCODE) Release Date: 2013-3-11edmcharts_roberto

Rating: ★★★


Origin: ITALY

Description: Under legendary techno label Drumcode, young producer Roberto Capuano releases a massive techno banger in “Vertigo”. This track is clearly designed to a peak time hit that could surely get any crowd moving, especially at something similar to the Carl Cox MegaStructure at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Echoed out piano chords and hi hats balance out the bass as the track grooves out. There’s a reason why Drumcode is the #1 techno label in the game.

Reminds Us Of: “Inversion” [Original Mix] – Roberto Capuano

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