14 Apr


This week EDM Charts welcomes Beaport Remix Winner & up and coming DJ/Producer Au5! Find out more on his recent productions, influences and upcoming projects!

Au5: Thanks so much for catching up with EDM Charts about your recent projects. Tell fans where you’re from and how you got involved with music.

I have lived in New Jersey my entire life.  Since age 4 I have been involved with music, classically trained in piano as well as other instruments, and constant exposure to multiple genres, both old and contemporary.

You’re a very young artist in the EDM game right now by only being 20 years old? Since you’re just beginning, who do you cite as your biggest influences; whether that be EDM, Hip-Hop, singers, etc?

I have had many different artists that have influenced me throughout my years of producing, which tend to vary depending on the style I am exploring during that time. As of now my biggest influences are BT, Koven, Madeon, and Seven Lions.

Your big release right now that is catching a lot of attention is “Crystal Mathematics”. How did you come up with the concept of track?

The concept behind Crystal Mathematics is metaphoric for the pure, fractalline nature of our infinite universe. It’s open to interpretation for the listener really.

Shaz Sparks who is featured on vocals on “Crystal Mathematics” has been rising as an upcoming vocalist. What was it like working with her? 

Working with Shaz and her producer, Robbie, was a very straightforward, and harmonious experience. Right from the first draft, Shaz nailed the lyrics and vocals; she complimented the vibe of the track flawlessly.

You recently were the winner of the Beatport Remix Contest where you had a winning remix of Seven Lions “Days To Come”? Would you call that a turning point; and what was that experience like getting legitimate recognition from Beatport?

I always feel that there are many turning points on my journey in the EDM scene and in life in general. Last year my debut release on Rottun put my name on the map. In this case the winning of the remix was definitely a landmark and has been pushing my name pretty hard.

When listening to your sound some close comparisons people make are other “clean” sounding dubstep artists such as Xilent and Seven Lions? How would you describe your style.

I strive to combine the uplifting, melodic elements of trance with complex, heavy bass and sound design. My attempt is to merge both clean and pure with heavy and dirty.

With every interview at EDM Charts we always ask artists what their current top #5 tracks are? What are your top #5 songs right now?

1. Fractal – Urchin (Forthcoming Adapted Records)

2. Xilent – Tenkai

3. Seven Lions feat. Birds of Paradise – She Was

4. Koven – More Than You

5. Mat Zo & Porter Robinson – Easy

You’re located out on the east coast of the USA in New Jersey. One of the larger festivals is Electric Zoo on Randall’s Island. What festivals are you a big supporter of on the east coast?

Honestly I have never attended a single festival, so I really can’t say.

What vocalist/artist that you haven’t worked with would you like to in the near future?

I would love to collaborate with Viper artists Koven or Seven Lions, as they are 2 big influences for me and have been following them for over a year.

Are there any projects you are working on in the near future that you can fill us in on?

I have a forthcoming glitch-hop collaboration EP with Fractal on Adapted Records, as well as some other collab projects I can’t specify yet but am very excited about.

Tell fans where they can purchase your music and where they can find out more and follow you online?

All of my released music can be found on iTunes Music Store or Beatport:

Beatport: www.beatport.com/artist/au5/242798

iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/artist/au5/id395824232

You can also follow me:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheAu5

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/au5

Twitter: twitter.com/Au5music

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