7 May


Summer is almost here as we hit May running! Daft Punk have nostalgically looped fans together once again. Mark Knight shows some “love” to house fans with another massive release. Above & Beyond introduce us to their new friend “Walter White”.

1. DAFT PUNK “GET LUCKY” [RADIO EDIT] (COLUMBIA) Release Date: 2013-4-19edmcharts_daftpunk

Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: POP

Origin: FRANCE

Description: With the most massive release of the year, maybe regardless of genre, the long awaited new single of Daft Punk’s new album “Random Access Memories” is debuted. With production assistance provided by legendary producer Niles Rodgers and vocal assistance from crooner Pharrell Williams, the track is neo-synth to its finest. Daft Punk are legends because they are the best producers the genre has ever seen. Even though their tracks slide a bit more to the pop side, you cannot deny their acute attention to detail and keen sense of selecting assistance on their album productions.

Reminds Us Of: “‘One More Time” – Daft Punk




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2. MARK KNIGHT “YOUR LOVE” [ORIGINAL MIX] (TOOLROOM RECORDS) Release Date: 2013-4-22edmcharts_markknight

Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: HOUSE

Origin: UK

Description: Mark Knight has been absolutely destroying 2013 with massive releases, not only from himself, but his label Toolroom Knights. The track is obviously a clever attribution to pop start Kylie Minogue, however this rendition is has a classic bassline and wonderful bouncy feel. With a great compliment, the music video for the track is as clever as Knight’s legendary productions. This is definitely a track for the summer of 2013.

Reminds Us Of: “Alright” – Mark Knight

3. ABOVE & BEYOND “WALTER WHITE” [ORIGINAL MIX] (ANJUNABEATS) Release Date: 2013-4-29edmcharts_abovebeyond

Rating: ★★★★


Origin: UK

Description: Above & Beyond are an unstoppable machine at producing unique and genuine material. “Walter White” is an emotional track that slowly builds up into a pounding trance stunner. With some heightened synths and raised BPM, this track is something different we really haven’t seen from A&B since “Formula Rossa”.

Reminds Us Of: “Formula Rossa” – Above & Beyond

4. LAIDBACK LUKE, HARDWELL “DYNAMO” [ORIGINAL MIX] (MIXMASH RECORDS) Release Date: 2013-4-22edmcharts_laidbackluke

Rating: ★★★



Description: The Dutch are in the house on this last smash electro house hit from two legendary producers in the game: Laidback Luke and Hardwell. The track has both of their trademarked bouncy Dutch feels. It was actually debuted at Ultra Music Festival this spring and was very popular online on YouTube right away. If you’re looking for something chaotic then this is your track.

Reminds Us Of: “1234” – Laidback Luke, Chuckie, Martin Solveig

5. JAYTECH “WIPEOUT” [ORIGINAL MIX] (ANJUNABEATS) Release Date: 2013-4-22edmcharts_jaytech

Rating: ★★★


Origin: UK

Description: Jaytech continues to shock and awe trance followers. Whether it is his young age, having been classically been trained in piano or his non-commercial sound; there are plenty of factors why to be a fan. If there’s one thing you will always hear on a Jaytech track, it’s a piano. In addition to that the melody and harmonies are perfectly complimented, with a clever little vocal chop to give the track some additional life.

Reminds Us Of: “Multiverse” [Original Mix] – Jaytech

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