20 May


This week EDM Charts welcomes all-star vocalist Fiora to the site! Find out more on her recent collaborations, upcoming tours and how she became deeply involved with music to the classical sense!

Fiora, thank you so much for taking time out of your productions and traveling to sit down and visit with EDM Charts! Take a moment to tell us some more about yourself, such as where you’re from, how you got involved with music and how you are where you are now.

Well i was born and grew up in Launceston, Tasmania – a beautiful and somewhat isolated place. I studied classical music from a young age, violin and piano and then eventually classical singing but I always felt drawn to singing – i always sang. I loved all kinds of music; pop, dance, hip hop, jazz, classical. As i got older i experimented with them all in one way or another. I eventually studied classical voice at the Queensland conservatorium and spent a few years as a professional classical/opera singer but had the urge to make my own music. I started writing music for a kids tv show and making my own projects and eventually started working a lot with dj’s in dance/electronic music when i moved to berlin in 2009.

Your biggest splash most recently is being the featured vocalist on Armin van Buuren’s new single “Waiting For Tonight”. How did you and Armin come up with the concept?

I had spent a day in the studio with Armin and Benno (de Goeij.) They played me a number of track ideas they’d been working on and I took some home to Berlin. The one I felt instantly connected to was a track Armin had named “go where the light is brightest” – just as a placeholder file name. I had had the lyric “waiting for the night” kicking around my thoughts and when I got home I got on the mic, put the track on and it all kind of came out at once. To be honest I remember suddenly singing out that chorus and at the same time kind of – noticing myself doing it and feeling very surprised. In a good way though 😉

You’ve had a chance to work with some amazing DJs such as Armin, Antillas, Moguai, and Markus Schulz to name a few. We know every collaboration is special, but is there one DJ you’ve worked with that really sticks out and is memorable?

As a singer in electronic music I feel more like a visitor to the different sound worlds of producers rather than beholden to one particular style. Of course every single collaboration is a special process and I’m honoured to have worked with everyone you mentioned. Recently I started working a lot with Tensnake and that has been a lot of fun and something totally different. It’s a very different end of the electronic music spectrum but I love seeing how different influences impact me creatively. Tensnake is incredibly musical, his music has so much personality; sexy, fun, beautiful – ultimately very melodic so I felt very much at home. We ended up writing a lot of songs together in a very short space of time so we got to really develop “our” writing identity which was great. You’ll get to hear a lot of these songs on his album release later this year.

Your talent and collaborations have allowed you to be considered in most EDM circles as a top #10 vocalist. Describe why your vocal style separates you from others.

That’s very kind of you to say. I think coming from a classical background plays a big part in the way I create what I sing. I grew up on a lot of orchestral music and played the violin so I sometimes use the voice more like an instrument contributing to the whole, with melodies fitting into the spaces between the drums and the synths, rather than going over the top of the existing music. I try to create my own kind of flow. When lyrics, melody and rhythm are all working together in relation to the track with nothing jarring – I find emotion can find its way through.

What is one artist that you haven’t worked with and would like to, and why?

Fauntleroy – he’s an incredible songwriter, such imaginative picture-painting and sassy lyrics, he also seems to be very gracious and humble.

You’ve worked with a few different record labels, with probably most notably Armada. What’s it like working with what most consider the #1 dance label in the world?

Just so professional. Armada have a fantastic team who work extremely hard. It’s such a pleasure to work with them. As an artist you can just focus on doing your best for the job at hand.

Will you be touring/doing any live vocals this summer?

Yes. I’ve been touring with Armin recently on his Intense tour and starting to do my own solo shows. This week I start performing with Tensnake. First in IMS ibiza on May 24th, then we’ll be performing at Vivid Festival in Sydney June 8th.

Are there any projects in the near future that you can hint on?

Well –  I’m currently finishing a solo album. Stylistically it’s veering away from dance music so that’s definitely keeping life interesting. Until that’s ready I might have a little track with Arty coming up 😉

Tell fans where they can listen to and purchase your music. Also do you have anything else to share with your fans?

All the electronic stuff is available on beatport and itunes of course.

But for something totally different here’s a link to an orchestral project I wrote, sang and produced when I was living in Tasmania – Flyphoenixx. http://fiora.bandcamp.com/

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