14 Nov


This week EDM Charts welcomes Jero Nougues for an interview! Check out more about his recent releases, his projects and what inspires him. Take a moment to discover the man behind the music: Jero Nougues!

Jero, thank you for taking time to sit down with EDM Charts! Tell us where you’re from and how you got introduced to music production?
It’s my pleasure mate. I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I started DJing when I was young and started producing when I was around 13 years old. I used to go to the shop and buy records or CDs regularly and started listening to Chicago house and progressive house back then. Digging and investigating a bit I started being curious about how these artists made their music, and that’s when I started discovering the magic of producing.
What led you to specifically getting involved with deep house genre?
Well to be honest, most of the influence came from Chicago house and soulful house artists I used to listen to. I always loved the melodic subgenres of house music, and around 2005 I became more interested in west coast deep house sounds like Miguel Migs for example, and Detroit house or deep house like Delano Smith, Carl Craig or Derrick May.
What is it like working with Savoir Faire Musique as a label?
I’m a regular to Savoir Faire Musique and really love working with them; it feels like home. Scott Harrington is the owner of the label and one half of City Soul Project, and he knows how to make the label keep running in good terms, so it is really nice.
Your most recent track you collaborated with City Soul Project on, “Americans” was recently featured on EDM Charts and has got great exposure on Beatport. Describe the track and what it was like working with City Soul Project?
Americans…I love that track! I made it back in the winter season of 2013 (summer season here in Latin America). My main idea was to mix some house-techy drums with deep house elements, and added the final touch with Bushs’ speech in the breakdowns. Both Soul Minority’s and City Soul Project remixes sounded amazing. Scott and Ryan from City Soul Project knew how to reconstruct the track and made a club based sound, with 909 drums and acid sounds. So far this EP had great support from big names like Mark Knight and Danny Howells.
What are some upcoming productions/projects you are working on?
Well I’m currently working on loads of stuff, but keeping a certain line of sound and maintaining my pace also. I’m now starting to use more dub sounds in my mixes and including more melodic elements in these, making better soundscapes. You can get to listen to my new stuff coming up on labels like DeepClass Records, DeepWit Recordings, Haute Musique, more Savoir Faire Musique, Elektrik Dreams Music/EDM Underground, Moonrise Records, Deep Clicks, and I’m trying to find my way into more labels. I hope to make it happen!
Are you performing at any big festivals or performances this winter?
This winter I’ll probably keep myself in the studio, and in the summer is probably the best season for playing in gigs, especially outdoors!
When doing a live set, what is your set up?
 My live setup changes depending on the gig and the equipment the club has. I really like playing with Pioneer CDJs (900 is my favorite model), so I usually play with 2 of them, in case the club doesn’t have any. I am used to playing with my laptop, sound card and both x1’s from Native Instruments.
What is your hottest track at the moment?
Both “American” remixes from City Soul Project and Soul Minority had some great impact as well as the original one, but Soul Minority’s definitely is the winner in here. You can see it charted as number 1 in my top 10 sellers in Beatport. The other release that had some great exposure and were very hot is “Lost In The City”, in collaboration with my friend Nacho Riveros, also released on Savoir Faire Musique, that charted at DJ Mag’s Latin America Deep House Chart back then.
Where can fans discover more about you and get your music?
Fans and followers can find me almost everywhere, but if you want to listen to my production work the best options are my Facebook, Soundcloud and Beatport pages. You can also find me over at Traxsource and Resident Advisor.
Find out more about Jero Nougues:

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