17 Nov


This week Ricky Tinez is in the “house” with EDM Charts! Find out more about his recent hit “Baby U’Know”, happenings and how he got involved with EDM. Let’s take a moment to welcome: Ricky Tinez!

Ricky, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule! Tell us where you’re from and how you got introduced to music production?
No worries, I’m originally from the Bay area of California; San Jose to be exact. Originally it was a lot of my cousins who introduced me into the dance scene. I remember times at weddings my cousins would have a crazy dance routine choreographed to artists like MAW, or underground solution, etc.
What led you to specifically getting involved with deep house genre?
I think it’d be the feeling that it invoked in me. It’s one of those always been there kinda things I just never really knew what it was. The deeper I dove into the record bins the more I fell in love. I feel like every song has some sort of story or soul to it and they’re all unique.
What is it like working with Something Else as a label?
Something Else is awesome! probably one of the best labels i have worked with as of yet. They really keep you up to date and everyone on the team supports one another which is really cool.
Your most recent track, “Baby U’Know” is currently featured on EDM Charts and has got great exposure on Beatport and Mark Knight’s Toolroom Knight’s Podcast. Describe the track and what it was like creating it?
I wanted to make a super driving track, one that almost never let off and when you think it was about to it went right back in it. This is probably my favorite track that I have made so far, but then again I always say that about my most recent tune! While making the song I tried to make it super late at night with one tiny red light in my room and a view of Downtown Los Angeles. I wanted to capture the moment through music and “Baby U’Know” was created!
What are some upcoming productions/projects you are working on?
Working on something with the guys at “Envy Music”, alongside finishing some follow up tunes for “Mallory’s” the vinyl only imprint based out of Los Angeles
Are you performing at any big festivals or performances this winter?
Not that I know of yet! I recently did “Nocturnal Wonderland” and had a blast, and I was surprised how well people responded to deep classic house. It seemed like everyone needed a break from the screeching lazers and wobble basses.
When doing a live set, what is your set up?
I haven’t done a live set in ages. When I did I used the machineDrum, E-MU Orbit, Novation Bass Station II, and some midi arrangements in Ableton. Nothing too crazy.
What is your hottest track at the moment?
Baby U’kno for sure. It is doing way better than I could have imagined!
Where can fans discover more about you and get your music?
Music wise Soundcloud all day (https://soundcloud.com/rickytinez).
Lifestyle hit me up on Twitter and Instagram @Ricky_Tinez for both! Thanks so much guys! I really appreciate all the support!
Find out more about Ricky tinez:

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