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UK producer Swankout sits down with EDM Charts for a one on one interview! Swankout is a relatively new production who’s influences are based around house, garage and bass sounds, but also incorporate techno and jungle elements. Learn more about his latest single “Want U”, recent activity and upcoming projects.

Swankout, thank you for taking time to sit down with EDM Charts so fans can find out even more about you! Tell us where you’re from and how you got in to music production?

Thanks for having me! I’m from the Southwest UK. I got into production in 2000 which was a progression from djing which I got in to in 1996. At the time D&B and Jungle was my main influence.

How would you describe your overall style?

My styles vary from very bass driven house which can be anything from speed garage to almost D&B like sounding house, with breaky elements, to more floaty melodic deep house with a dubby jungle and funk influence.

What is it like working with Daylight Robbery Records as a label and how have they helped grow you as an artist?

The guys at Daylight Robbery are really supportive, they are very positive guys, and have a real love for their house! This gives them the angle of sound of where they want to push things musically with their label.

Your most recent track, “Want U” is featured on EDM Charts, Vol. 136 and has got great exposure on Beatport and other radio shows/podcasts. Describe the track, how it all came together and what it was like working with A Lister on the remix?

Thanks for the feature it’s very much appreciated!
A Lister did a great job on the remix. He’s a very talented guy, and really did justice to the original with his completely original take on the track. You hear so many remixes where the producers in my opinion are lazy and don’t really give anything new to the track’s, so big ups to A Lister on that one great work!
And as previously mentioned, for me growing up in the 90’s I had a heavy influence from jungle, and wanted to incorporate that sound and feeling in to my house music, and as I started to create the warped strings one night in the studio, it kind of took me in that direction. Also I was in to a track called “Horizon” by Ejeca at the time, and really loved what he had done with the vocals in that track, which were sampled from Gabrielle who I’m a big fan of as a singer. I started messing about with an old accapella of her’s and came up with the “want you” hook, and it just all seemed to fit perfectly and the track wrote it’s self after that!

What are some upcoming productions/projects you are working on?

Up and coming I have my next release “Kemistry” forthcoming on Deepfreeze records which is Apollo 84’s imprint, and I am currently working on all sorts of funk/jazz and bass ideas. I take my influences from a broad spectrum of music and always try to make interesting music. I think so much of it these days is “throw away” music, and has a shelf life of about 2 months, I try and take a little more time on my tracks than some producers, and give them as much soul and feeling as possible.

Who are some artists/vocalists that you haven’t worked with yet, that you would like to collaborate with?

Hmmm good question! There’s quite a few actually! Top of the list would have to be the man like Chris Lorenzo! (maybe one day ha) He’s a bit of a genius!

Who has been your biggest musical influence(s) so far?

So many but I think the ultimate would be Liam Howlett from The Prodigy. He is an absolute genius!

What is your hottest track at the moment?

This is gonna sound bad, but it’s a track called Bad Boy/Girl By DeepDubs which is a duo consisting of myself and a guy called Ian Jay, The track is quite different but is already getting support from some big names, and is currently unsigned so watch this space!

Any final words for your fans? Where can they discover more about you and get your music?

Well, thanks for supporting my music, and of course it’s very rewarding to receive so much gratitude for something you love to do, so thanks!
And to keep updated on events news and new music, you can follow at any of these links below….

Find out more about Swankout:
Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/swankout
Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/artist/swankout/422526
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/swankout
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/swankout

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