12 Dec


House artists Wasabi & Sugar Hill take some time out of their busy schedules to sit down and meet with EDM Charts! We catch up with them on their recent soulful hit “It’s On You”, upcoming projects and how they got involved with the music scene. Sit back and read more on Wasabi & Sugar Hill.

Sugar Hill & Wasabi, thank you for sitting down with EDM Charts so fans can discover even more about you and your great music! Tell us where you’re from and how you got in to music production?

SH: I’m from Brasil. Big country. I’m a musician since I was 15 years old. Started produce electronic music in 2006, in beginning was some weird breakbeats, underground techno, trying to learn how to make some nice beats.
W: Im from Greece and djing since late ninties! I started with Erase Records on 2003 and after few years with productions for my label and for others too. Our philosophy is to create music for dancefloor with Soul!

What led you to getting involved in the house and deep house genres?

SH:I used to make deep house when it was not on this hype. Now people are consuming and listening more deep house is easy for me to do that.
W: Deep House is a new trend and really hype in our days, but I started doing deep housy stuff many years ago! Actually, I don’t care about names/labels on music, just to feel the groove!

What is it like working with Toolroom as a label and how have they helped grow you as an artist?

SH:Toolroom got some nice remixes, Ganzfeld and Purple Disco Machine and that is great for us have those nice guys working in our music. It will always be a pleasure. They send the EP to some nice blogs, nice media.
W: We cleared officially the track and then it was ready to go for a Major Label. Toolroom liked it at once and they created a big package!

Your most recent track, “It’s On You” is featured on EDM Charts, Vol. 137 and has got great exposure on Beatport and other radio shows/podcasts. Describe the track, how it all came together and what it was like working with Ganzfeld on the remix?

SH This track is a classic. Sample from a classic disco funk music. I think Ganzfeld made a great remix, very hi-energy, top house quality, I’m very happy with his work.
W: Ganzfeld created a really modern edit of our rework and ready to be played in big dancefloors.His remix rocks the Beatport Top 100 All chart!

What are some upcoming productions/projects you are working on?

SH:Working on some tech-house stuff and some new collaborations. Some original vocals, writing some lyrics. Trying to mix our style with some underground house stuff.
W: My new projects are more underground stuff with Sugar Hill and another big producer! Its great to move forward and to be inspired in every track at most!

Who are some artists/vocalists that you haven’t worked with yet, that you would like to collaborate with?

SH :I like Todd Terje, don’t if it will possible make something with him someday. Trying to finish some tracks with Tapesh, great artist too. Maybe we have some tunes next year with him.
W: I like many guys what do big tunes! Ardalan does big tracks and Tapesh is a master! Id love to do tracks with both guys!!

How has the deep house and house music scene changed in the past 5 to 10 years in Europe in your opinion? Is there more exposure and opportunities for an artist like yourself in the club scene?

W:I think there is a big progress in the dance scene the last decade. Many producers came into the music market and new blood made its appearance . I think with hard work only you can create your musical identity and in any case you have to push your limits out of the box!

What is your hottest track/song at the moment?

W: That’s Easy ! ‘Its On you’!

Any final words for your fans? Where can they discover more about you and get your music?

W: Music is so accessible in our days and you can find it everywhere . In any case you have to look for the best hottest music and you ll discover amazing sounds for your soul and your body! Big Thanks to our fans for the amazing support and the energy in order to keep on pushing our boundaries!

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