23 Dec


UK trance star Genix catches up with EDM Charts to talk about his recent EP and single “Breather”! Known as one of the freshest dance artists with his cutting edge production and DJ sets, he has quickly gained popularity for his trance tracks on various big labels such as Anjunabeats. Take some time to read even more on Genix!

Damion, thank you for taking time to sit down with EDM Charts so fans can find out even more about you! Tell us where you’re from and how you got in to music production?

Hello! Im from a town called Hinckley in the UK.. and I really loved dance music when I was about 16 and wanted to produce it and it went from there!

How would you describe your overall style?

Well its unique I think you can tell my tracks are produced by me. But to describe i would say that they are based around a solid & catchy groove and some uplifting chords and melodies of course.

What is it like working with Anjunabeats as a label and how have they helped grow you as an artist?

Well they are a huge label. One that I always dreamed of releasing my music on when I was in my earlier days as a producer so i feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with them. They are a very professional and internationally recognised brand it really is a great platform for me to showcase my productions.

Your most recent track, “Breather” will be featured on EDM Charts, Vol. 139 and has got great exposure on Beatport and other radio shows/podcasts. Describe the track, how it all came together?

Yeah Breather has just been released along with ‘Durban’ on my new EP on Anjunabeats. The track came together really quick actually. It normally takes me a while to get all the sounds and elements together that I like. I did however change the groove section so if you see me play a live DJ set you may hear an unreleased version of it.

What are some upcoming productions/projects you are working on?

I have a big collaboration coming out with a HUGE A-list dance artist,. I cant say too much just yet.. and my next single will be ‘Makoto’ which is also Mixmag’s ‘Tune of the month’!

Who are some artists/vocalists that you haven’t worked with yet, that you would like to collaborate with?

I would love to write a track with Ilan Bluestone, our sounds would really work well together I feel!

Who has been your biggest musical influence(s) so far?

Hmmm there are too many who have influenced me in so many different ways. I always admired Armin Van Buuren and really loved his 76 album. I really love progressive music too so was influenced by really old releases on Bedrock, etc.

What is your hottest track/song at the moment?

Really loving the groove on Above & Beyond’s ‘All over the world’ is FAAAAAAT!!!!!!!

Where can fans discover more about you and get your music?

Yeah.. big thank you for all of your support over the past year! Lots more to come from me so keep checking my twitter and Facebook page to find out latest news!
Twitter @genixdj
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/genixmusic
Web – www.genixmusic.com

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