28 Dec


Austrian house producer Deep Criminal is in the “house” to talk about his recent single “It’s True” and everything else going on in his life! A lot has been going on for him including running his own label, music videos and upcoming shows. Find out even more about Deep Criminal!

Tell us where you are from and how you got in to music production?

I come from Serbia, currently working and living in Vienna, Austria. I always loved music, but the first time I had the idea to produce music myself started back in 2007 when I heard Carl Cox on Exit Festival. It was a great feeling to see this legend playing music.

We featured “It’s True” on Volume 138 at the number one spot. Could you tell us the story behind the track?

The song was created relatively quickly, since the elements fitted perfectly together. I usually work a long time on a track. But after awhile I got the idea that something is not right on the spot or that the sound could be better. This track I knew everything was in place.

What track do you like to open with; what track currently sparks the energy of the room; and what track do you like to close the set with?

Every performer is trying to gain the attention of the audience right in the beginning, that is why I initially play well known house tracks (not too mainstream of course). Later on in the set, I put in some other styles like UK garage and a bit more deeper grooves. A set always ends with my tape eg: It’s True 😉

What equipment do you use to perform at the club?

I started with vinyl and later moved on to CD’s. At the moment I am also using the common USB drive stuff.

What do you like to eat before you go on stage?

Normally I do not eat anything before the show, maybe having a beer 🙂

We noticed a video on your Facebook. Deep Criminal & Babysitters “Weekend Starts Tonight”. Your female cast members are beautiful ladies. So are you a blonde, brunette, or red hair fan?

All those girls are great and we are happy to have them performing in our video. 😀  …and for me, I prefer brunettes!!!

Any upcoming productions or shows?

Right now I’m working on a cover song, a big hit back in the 90s. Nearly finished and ready to be launched in the spring. I also finished a great track with the famous singer Inaya Day. Overall I am totally focusing on producing in 2015. Nevertheless I founded a record label with my friend Levan called Soundland Records. The first releases will start January. The label will focus mainly on “Garage, UK House and also Vocal and Deep of course. Next year will be cool again like big parties, the Exit, ADE, XJam and many, many others.

Any final words for your fans? Where can they discover more about you and get your music?

You can visit my official website www.deepcriminal.com or my Facebook and Soundcloud site! Thank you once again, and I wish you and all the readers of EDM Charts the best in 2015!

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