28 Mar

Leon, thanks for taking time to catch up with us! Tell us where you are from, how you got into music?

Hi there! I live close to Amsterdam in The Netherlands, and, apart from listening to any kind of music and playing the piano at a very young age I got into dance music not long after, when the first big wave of Eurodance flooded the Netherlands and I knew this was what I wanted to do with my life (talking about making this kind of music here – back then I had no idea what a DJ was)

What is the EDM scene like in The Netherlands currently and how has it progressed the past couple years? What changes have you seen?

Very mature, in a good way. Dance music has been around since the late eighties, and you can see people from that generation still going to parties here, while at the same time every day new kids join the house music movement. The changes I have seen here is that dance music has diversified genre wise, it has been professionalized in all its forms (from event organization, to labels, to management and everything in between) and last but not least it’s still growing bigger by the day!

What is it like working with Spinnin’ Records as a label?

Even though Spinnin’ Records is the biggest independent dance label in the world, working with them feels like working with a small family so to say – an enthusiastic team of people with passion for dance music – and passion for making music heard to as many people as possible. I have been working with them for quite a lot of years already, and seen them grow from a national to a global market leader – but at the same time the core family feeling stayed intact.

“Every Single Piece” is featured on EDM Charts, Vol. 148. Describe the track and how it all came together.

Basically, Redondo and I were browsing a lot of indie music and ran into ‘She Keeps Bees’ – a band residing state side. Really loved their vibes and we started working on this short one minute demo, somewhere around 4 am. We thought we got something going on then, and said: lets export this demo, send over to Spinnin, go to bed, and when we wake up we will see if they dig it or not. Upon waking up we found out they loved it – which obviously triggered us to finish the track and make it as great as possible.

What are some upcoming productions/projects you are working on?

Currently I am working on a lot of vocal house stuff with big crossover potential (if I may say so). The first one is gonna be signed with Spinnin and I am in the process of finishing a bunch of other tracks to follow up. At the same time I just finished a quite experimental album, melodic vibes with influences from all over the dance spectrum, from techno to house, from trance to broken beats. I brought an alias for this to life, WSTLNDR, and the album will be released soon through Blackhole Recordings.

Who are your biggest role models and why?

I don’t have any big role models – just people that can cope with backlashes, people that fight on their own, people that follow their path, no matter if its a big superstar musician or the paperboy next door. And people that care about each other, without thinking of cash or benefits.

What is your set up for producing music, such as Ableton, live instruments, etc…

Right now I am using Cubase 8 with a lot of plugins – somewhere in this studio I still have a Nord Rack 2x, Virus TI, Dave Smith Mopho, Roland MC303 etc laying around but I don’t really use those no more – tho I should use those more often I realize now while answering this question. I am on PC here, and sound card wise I use the Fireface 800. Guess that covers it all.

What is your hottest track at the moment?

Two tracks:

Watermat & Tai – Frequency

Marcus Schossow ft. Royalties SHLM – Lionheart (Original Mix)

What is on your rider for live performances?

I understood you are asking for my hospitality rider here: Grey Goose – Moet Imperial – Heineken – Coke Zero – Sparkling Water – (and here come the comments:) Marlboro Reds. I think that’s about it.

Where can fans discover more about you and get your music?

Through my socials:




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