10 Apr

 Join us for a special celebratory edition of EDM Charts as we celebrate our 150th Episode! We rank the top 5 tracks of the week, plus our we have produced a special edition of our weekly radio show: an hour long edition which features the weekly chart as well as a few classic tracks! Anyone remember “Greyhound”?

1. City Soul Project – Luv U More (Original Mix) (Street King)

Description: Coming soon!
Rating: ★★★★★
Genre: Deep House
Origin: England

EDM Charts Radio Show | Vol. 150

2. Adrian Hour – We Got The Power (Original Mix) (Toolroom Trax)

Description: Are you ready for a blistering techno selection? Mark Knight’s new protégé Adrian Hour offers yet another main room bomb following a spate of Beatport techno top 10s. This EP lit up the Miami Winter Music Conference in 2015, further widening the imprint of Toolroom.
Rating: ★★★★
Genre: Techno
Origin: Argentina

3. Sebb Junior – The Way (Original Mix) (Salted Music)

Description: Sebb Aston returns to Salted with his new moniker ‘Sebb Junior’, delivering this exceptional EP featuring 4 quality cuts all tastefully effective and creative in their own right. Steady moves and focused grooves are whats on the menu tonight with this delightful release featuring a little something for every occasion. Well crafted solid production ethics with captivating layers and plenty of deep melodic atmosphere.
Rating: ★★★
Genre: Deep House
Origin: Spain

4. Dosem – Dilemma [Original Mix] (Suara)

Rating: ★★★
Genre: Techno
Origin: Spain
Description: Here we have again one of the biggest cat on Suara: Dosem. After his succesful album ‘City Cuts’ the spanish star is back on Suara with a two track EP. While ‘Ready’ is one of those Tech House gems that will become an anthem on any dancefloor, ‘Dilemma’ has a little groovy acid taste that never loses Dosem’s unique production skills. No space for remixers here, this EP breathes 100% Dosem’s air. 

5. Mateo & Matos – Body ‘N’ Soul (Ian Pooley’s Soul Mix [2015 Re-Master]) (Toolroom Longplayer)

Rating: ★★★
Genre: House
Origin: Germany
Description: The Glasgow Underground imprint was founded in 1997 by Kevin McKay and over its existence has unveiled an array of classic material from renowned producers such as Romanthony, Mateo & Matos, Optimo and The Idjut Boys. Following is the ‘House’ mix which predominantly lays its focus on the critically acclaimed material from New York’s Mateo & Matos released on the label.

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