13 Apr

Gianni, thanks for taking time to catch up with us! Tell us where you are from, how you met and got into music?

First of all let me thank you for putting your attention to me, it’s a pleasure being interviewed and appear on the EDM Charts. I’m from Italy and my music history began in 1987 when, for the very first time, I was able to see a DJ in action.

It was love at first sight and i started practicing with 1200 and tried to keep records on the beats. I started as light jockey and then “opening DJ” and after a while resident in a club in Tuscany. When I was 20 I decided to leave the university and dedicate all of my efforts into music opening a small studio and starting my own productions…it was unusual at that time…DJs were DJs and producers were producers.

What is the EDM scene like in Italy and how has it changed (good or bad) the last few years?

EDM now in Italy is still good in my opinion and the latest deep house influences are very musical, some acoustic instruments. Went back into a dance single and this is very good (for musicians too), but the market needs something fresh as soon as possible.

I’ve never been a fan of the S.H.M. Style even if I respect it, i’m on the house side and i’ll keep staying there, but I do think. That who will get somewhere in the middle will be clever!

What is it like working with Ocean Trax as a label?

Ocean Trax is my child. I now own it but it was founded by me and Paolo Martini back in 1996….It has always been my priority and, like a little kid. I invested so much money and time and energies to make the name bigger and bigger, today, that the house style is cool again!
I’m receiving big feedback on every release I make…but it will be always my core business together with the studio (www.Houseofglass.It)

Your remix of “Without You” was featured on EDM Charts, Vol. 148. Describe the track and how it all came together. Also what was it like working with Majikol Jay & Majuri?

Before being artists they are really good friends, I met Loredana some years ago, she’s so talented in writing, composing, and singing. Me and Loredana are planning to make some new singles at the moment and i’m sure it will be exciting as always.

M.J. Is a very nice guy and talented too, he’s coming quite often to studio just to spend some time together, he’s coming back soon for the next single. Personally I love to work with them, there are no tensions at all and working is easier, we respect each other and no one wants to push his ideas to the others.

What are some upcoming productions/projects you are working on?

I’m very active as I said before in working for my label, there will be some very nice releases coming out soon, some are made on my own, some with Luca Bisori who is one of the most strong tech house producers I’ve ever met…also I’ll be pleased to announce a single with Paolo, as Bini & Martini (after 13 years) and a collaboration with Mousse T on a dance track…so stay tuned!

What are your hobbies outside of music?

I love fishing, and staying with my family….Also i’m practicing golf right now, hope to get my handicap soon.

What is your set up for producing music, such as Ableton, live instruments, etc…

My studio is one of the 5 best studios here in Italy, so i can work using analogue desks (SSL duality) and all the outboards…or in the box. For the quick projects, in any case my core setup is passing through my HD rig (avid) and Protools 12. I love the UAD stuff, in the little studio.

I’m using Apollo16 and an additional 8 core PCI card. I use libraries and v.I. a lot; my favorite right now is the Syntmaster.

What is your hottest track at the moment?

Love the DJ S.K.T. Feat Rae – Take Me Away on Azuli (now owned by Defected)

What is on your favorite venue/club you’ve performed at?

Surely The Cross @ Kings Kross London.

Where can fans discover more about you and get your music?

They can visit my fb page facebook.com/giannibini or www.Giannibini.It (my blog) or on Traxsource who have all of my tracks in exclusive!

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