5 May

Scott & Ryan, it’s great to be able meet up for an interview and see what’s been going on in your career! Tell us where you are from, how you met and how you got into music?

Hey guys, we are from a town just outside of London in the UK. We have known each other for near on twenty years and share the same tastes in music. We have been involved in numerous projects and parties for a fair few years now and decided to form the City Soul Project a few years back now and havent looked back.

We’ve featured City Soul Project on a few tracks over the last several months. What track have you been most proud of the past 12 months, that you’ve produced and why?

We would have to make this a bit of a tie breaker and say both ‘Jah School’ and ‘Ah Shucks’ as these where the two that really got us noticed. They are both what we are really about too and reflect our styles and influences. We are also really pleased with our remix we did for Joey Negro’s ‘Z Records’ too.

What is it like owning your own label, City Soul Recordings?

It’s tough but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We can control and release our music for when it suits us. We have done releases and remixes for numerous labels that almost one year on and still havent been released which can be frustrating as our music is always changing.

“Luv U More” was featured on EDM Charts, Vol. 150 as the track of the week. Describe the track, how it all came together and what inspired you to make it.

This was actually put together completely differently as a demo. When we came to finish it off and get it all laid down we had been talking about NYC and the amazing club scene and influences that came out of their over the years and it kinda wrote itself after that. We recently played this at Copenhagen’s ‘Culture Box’ and it was very well received.

If you could work with one artist on a track, outside of the “EDM” genre AKA non DJ, who would you love to collaborate with and why?

That would have to be with one of the original house music divas, Barbara Tucker, India, Kim English, Michelle Weeks, Inaya Day, Ultra Nate … any of them. They are simply amazing and we are looking to work more with vocalists too.

What are some upcoming productions/projects you are working on?

We have two single releases forthcoming on our own imprint over the next few weeks and we have also been asked to remix an all time classic for a very sound label bit we can’t say too much about that right now.

What’s your favorite venue you have performed at and why?

Individually we have both played at numerous clubs independently such as London’s infamous Turnmills, Pacha and Ministry of Sound. Under our guise collectively, we have held down residencies for Kinki Malinki and held parties for some big brands such as Defected in the House and Subliminal Sessions but our favourite and most memorable party of late was probably Cafe1001 in Brick Lane, London which was a daytime event. We also really enjoyed playing Switzerland’s Gaskessel and Denmark’s Culture Box too. All have been great … they are what you make them.

What is your top track of the moment?

Thats easy. Opolopo’s rework of Sandy Barber – I Think I’ll Do Some Steppin On My Own. Simply beautiful. A true masterpiece.

What is on your rider for live shows?

We like to keep our shows quite raw and organic. It’s all about building the atmosphere and adding the energy. We’re all about the selection … three or four CDJ’s and a rotary mixer and we’d be happy.

Where can fans discover more about you and get your music?  

We are having a website built and plan on launching soon. In the meantime, it’s probably best to hook us up on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/citysoulproject

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