21 Sep

Vanilla Ace, it’s great to be able meet up for an interview and see what’s been going on in your career! Tell us where you are from, how you met and how you got into music?

I am from London, England, born here and lived in London my whole life. This is my city and home. I was fascinated with music from a early age, always DJing friends parties and end of year events at my school. Then I gradually got into the London nightclub scene and played a lot of places, for around 10 years I was DJing 7 nights a week! Then I realised I had to take a risk and start making music under a alias, hence how Vanilla Ace was born, and here I am.

What track have you been most proud of the past 12 months, that you’ve produced and why?

Hard question as I love most of the tracks that come out. I would have to say I was very happy about how my ‘Don’t Stop’ collaboration with Earstrip & Torha came out, had a feeling that would do well, its strong groove and always gets the clubs and festivals jumping.

What is it like working with with one of the industry’s best labels: Milk & Sugar?

It was great, I get on really well with them. They have been in the game for so long and defiantly know how to work a record.

“Open Your Heart” was featured on EDM Charts, Vol. 154 as one of the top tracks of Summer 2015. Describe the track, how it all came together and what inspired you to make it. Also what was it like working with Lou Van?

That came about because Lou Van sent me his demo of the track and asked me if I wanted to collaborate. I instantly said yes after hearing it and seeing the potential of the track. Its one of those timeless tracks that I can see being played for years.

If you could work with one artist on a track, outside of the “EDM” genre AKA non DJ, who would you love to collaborate with and why?

love all types of music, if Michael Jackson or James Brown were alive I’d love to work with them…but I wouldn’t complain if Prince said yes!

What are some upcoming productions/projects you are working on?

I’m trying to slow down on the output of releases, quality over quantity is the game plan now. I’m working on a EP for CUFF, have some collaborations done with Destructo, Illusionize and Chad Tyson, CRAM, Stage Rockers, newcomer SHKT, my homie Dharkfunkh…there is lots coming.

What’s your favorite venue you have performed at and why?

Tough question…but I would have to say Green Valley in Brazil. Its a great venue, and last time I was there in July for the Green Valley festival 12,000 people showed up.

What is your hottest track at the moment?

My remix of ‘Holy Ghost’ for Sharam Jey and Tom Breu, huge nasty bass house!

What inspired the name Vanilla Ace?

I made it up as a joke, it was never meant to taken seriously, in hindsight I might of chosen something else…

Where can fans discover more about you and get your music?

On my social media pages, Facebook, Instagram…

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